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I recently came across an interesting and informative article in a back issue of Business Week entitled, “As Leaders, Women Rule,” and here’s an interesting tidbit or two taken from that article:

“…new research is showing that men ought to be the ones doing more of the imitating. In fact, after years of analyzing what makes leaders most effective and figuring out who’s got the Right Stuff, management gurus now know how to boost the odds of getting a great executive: Hire a female.”

Let’s face it, women are better trained to handle difficult tasks. Starting eons ago, the tough jobs were ingrained into women, almost pre-programmed, so to speak. From raising families to keeping everyone fed, clothed, and happy, the idea that a woman’s work is never done has been drilled into us for more generations than any of us can count.

So it’s not surprising (at least to women) that as executives and business owners, women do rule.

Women are, much more often than men, scoring higher in producing higher-quality work, goal setting, and mentoring employees. Not my opinion, but statistical fact. And, the article goes on to say, that these types of findings were “accidentally stumbled on” in the course of pulling together hundreds of evaluations (dare I suggest who was doing the compiling?).

The reasons for coming to these conclusions are quite simple as evidenced by the statement, “Women think through decisions better than men, are more collaborative, and seek less personal glory.” That was the statement of IBM executive Douglas Elix.

Another interesting fact is that women are more in tune so to speak with the global information age. The reason? Teamwork and partnerships are a critical component of the new digital age. And women do work better – not only individually, but in groups.

As a woman, you have a tremendous advantage over men when it comes to choosing and running a home business. A woman’s training is ideal for such a venture — willing to put in the time to see results, willing to study and apply, willing to listen, willing to follow through, which are all key components to running a successful home based business, all key ingredients are in (just about) every woman’s genetic make up.

So, ladies listen up! Turn your personal power to your advantage, and your common sense and desire into success. Money-making opportunities abound on the net! Take the digital information age by the horns and go for it!


Janet Giacoma provides home business direction and home business solutions to keep you on track and making money for years to come.

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