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How to Add Vocal Impact as a Business Woman

Women tend not to brag about their accomplishments, whether they are executive leaders in charge of large corporations, or businesswomen starting out. Training your voice skills will add impact to your presence, build confidence, realize goals, and boost recognition. There are three key vocal elements that businesswomen need to complete as part of their professional development package: voice projection, appropriate pitch level, and emphatic delivery.

How often have you been told that you have a quiet or a soft tone, which may be very pleasing; but, it may also convey a weakness of your business wisdom or power? Have you tried to speak louder only to end up with a sore throat or rising pitch and stress levels? Professional training in voice projection can make a difference to your presence. When you need to be heard at the back of the room or simply draw attention to the importance of your message, voice projection tools are your best friend.

Projecting the voice properly using diaphragmatic breathing techniques, similar to how actors train, will allow you to possess all the nuances and dynamism that you want to convey, without shouting or having a sore throat. The essence of projection is that you are using more air to support your speech, and can direct or aim your vocal sound farther away. With practice and focus, you can easily control the projected volume to meet any situation. A bonus factor is that this control will provide a “Plan B” to stop or manage any nervousness while speaking. Learning to use your breath is the foundation to your image and presence.

The second key element is controlling your vocal pitch level to exude confidence and attract listeners. Your pitch level will rise when your muscles, particularly around your throat and shoulders are tense. A nasal pitch caused by too much resonance in the nasal chamber can be an annoying sound for most listeners. The reaction you want is for your listener to follow through with your speech message; you do not want them to rush out of the room because of an irritating nasal sound. Again, through vocal exercises, you can discover your individual optimal pitch level, correct any speech distortions, and learn how to present a pleasing but persuasive voice.

Finally, women business entrepreneurs need to be aware of using their voice as a means to connect their story to convince a customer of its value. Negotiation of contracts, advocacy for non-profits, or sale of products occur because of your efficient voice power practice. This is a skill that can easily be learned by rehearsing and speaking a variety of literary and business materials. You learn to apply voice techniques working with these pieces to produce emphasis at critical points. This method includes developing pauses and changing pace with appropriate inflection to entice the listener to be attentive, involved, and moved by your speech.

For the business mom or the executive woman, knowing how to use your voice effectively will add recognition to yourself, and help you achieve a speech delivered with impact.

Written by Brenda C. Smith

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