Erika McQueen Encourages Mothers to Become Mommie Moguls


What is a mommie mogul? Simply stated, a mommie mogul is a woman who is passionate about being a mom, but who also wants to have it all. She wants to use her creativity and her drive to build a successful business to leave as a legacy for her kids. She loves being a mom, but she’s not playing around. Mommie moguls mean business.

Erika McQueen definitely fits the bill for a mommie mogul. This former beauty queen went from layoff to payoff, and she did it all as a full-time mother. McQueen was an executive in the finance industry, when a move changed her role from working woman to stay-at-home mom. Shortly after relocating, her husband was laid off from his executive position. McQueen recalls watching it happening all around her. It seemed as if everyone was getting laid off. People were in jeopardy of losing their homes. She saw no other choice but to take action to help the growing community of people who were affected by the faltering economy.

She and her husband John completely own their own lives, finally having it all: health, money and the time to enjoy it. That’s more than most moms can say.

But how does she juggle family life and being a business titan? She uses the little-by-little principle, and lives by the knowledge that while we may not be able to get everything done right now, if we do a little bit consistently, we will see progress. Her system helps moms leverage their time and maximize their potential! The system is simple and anyone can do it!

McQueen now works with over 200,000 business professionals in 30 countries, from doctors and lawyers to stay-at-home moms. She coaches people to succeed no matter what their background is, whether they have a GED or PHD.  She notes that witnessing and being a part of people’s transformation is the most rewarding part of her business.

Now you can use the same simple system that Erika McQueen used to create holistic success in every part of your life. If you’re ready to take control of your success and become a mommie mogul, call 1-888-539-2825 for more information.

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