Women Business Owners’ Super Simple Savvy Guide to Success


Women are literally creating a stampede toward entrepreneurship, but their dreams are quickly dampened when they realize how difficult it is to get financial support and to get their family and friends to rally around their vision. If women business owners want to succeed, there are a few things they must do in order to reach their seemingly distant goals on their tedious journey.

Stay Focused

Although it can be quite disappointing and sometimes heartbreaking when your family and friends do not buy into your hopes and dreams, nevertheless, you’ve still got to figure out how to stay focused. More than anything else, you’ll need to find a good mentor or coach and develop a team of people who really want the best for you.

A Coach Can Help You Get There

Where can you find the people who sincerely want you to achieve massive success? Look within the throngs of people whom you already know. If you can’t find anyone within your network, hire a coach. A good coach is priceless because they can help you sharpen your vision, clearly define your goals, and help you accomplish them much faster.

I Can Do This

Another thing you must do is to keep believing that you are on your heart’s path. This may be the most challenging because every moment will require you to dig deeply into the well of inspiration that already resides within you. If your first inclination is to doubt, don’t let this fear stop you. Encourage yourself to believe and move forward. Tell yourself, “I can do this.” Every single moment, as much as you can, keep your inspiration level on full throttle.

Write it Down

Write down your accomplishments, no matter how small they may be because these are your benchmarks of achievements. The more you accomplish, the more you’ll believe victory is yours and you’ll be strengthened as you keep marching toward your vision.

It’s Bigger Than YOU

You are only a piece of the fabric in the business framework. You really need to encourage other women to succeed within your circle so that you can also benefit. Honestly, you really do — because if they don’t succeed, the less likely it is for you to reach your full potential. Inspiration is contagious. It can give you the motivation to jump higher or run further on the road to success.

What Does Success Look Like?

You must also define what success actually means to you. Although the main goal for every business is to make money, many people are not motivated by it. It’s not what causes them to leap out of bed each morning. Think about it. What’s your definition of success? Answer this question and stay true to yourself.

You’ve Got to Market, And Market Some More

Unless you’re in a clique, network or group that funnels tons of referrals or clients on a regular basis to you, you’ll need to market yourself and your business on a regular basis. According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, there are more than 185,000 women-owned businesses in metro Atlanta. Quick … can you name ten of them? Market your business with organizations that are dedicated to improving your image and strengthening your brand. Publications such as People You Need to Know Magazine, “Atlanta’s official magazine uplifting women business owners” is a great start. But above all, exercise the law of reciprocity (you help me — I help you) or your network will become very weak.

There’s Not A Lack Of Abundance

There is abundance in this universe — literally infinite abundance. Thinking there’s lack in the world is a disease of the mind. How can anyone even believe there is lack when nature boldly sings its songs of abundance each day? The blades of grass, leaves on the trees, flowers, birds, stars in the sky, lakes, oceans, streams and many other reminders greet us each day letting us know that abundance is everywhere. Rid yourself of thoughts which lead to lack and open your soul to the never-ending abundance which flows like Niagara Falls.

Let it Go!

Finally, you must learn how to forgive. You’ve got to figure out how to start over every single day with a fresh slate when it comes to dealing with people. After all, you cannot succeed without them.

Women business owners deserve to succeed in every area of their lives. I hope these reminders have given you a spark of encouragement as you continue to move forward toward your bright and sunny future.


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