Why I Love Dubai


If you haven’t heard of Dubai by now, you are definitely in the minority. Located in the United Arab Emirates, (UAE) which is in the Arabian Sea/Middle East area, Dubai has been dubbed, the “Impossible City.”

What impresses me about this place is that they are not afraid to try what many people would consider impossible, like making beachfront property resemble palm trees or building an indoor ski resort in the desert.

Most of the feats they’ve been able to accomplish have left onlookers wide-eyed with wonder and amazement, curious about how they were able to pull it off. Nevertheless, they keep setting the bar higher and higher for themselves and keep expanding what’s possible. One billboard I saw when we visited Dubai stated quite simply, “Think bigger, because thinking big is too small.”

A couple of years ago, during our first visit, I fell in love with the creativity of the modern architecture. I appreciated the culture, enjoyed the food and embraced as many of the sights and sounds that I could fit into our schedule. All that I’d heard about Dubai was true. I saw their celebrated flair in action and what many once said was impossible … was boldly manifested.

Like all countries, cities, neighborhoods and families, Dubai is not without many challenges, but the creativity and diversity they offer cannot be disputed.

Many of us are faced with situations which we feel are impossible. We are blinded by the untruths that have been passed on to us by those who have literally embraced their mistaken certainties as the absolute truth. But there’s always more to explore and a multitude of innovative ways to accomplish our goals.

What can we learn from the Dubai mindset? We should never be afraid to believe that things can somehow work out for us no matter what challenges we may currently face. You just never know what can be brought to life when you give … the “IMPOSSIBLE” a try.

– Jacqueline

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2 had something to say.
  1. Dori

    Great post! Yes, Dubai is so inspiring because they don't see limits, they see opportunities. I haven't visited yet, but it's certainly on my list. Thank you for this post, because you remind me that we must keep the faith and go for it.

  2. PYNTK

    Hello Dori,
    In a world that constantly puts limits on us in terms of what we can achieve, it's a constant struggle to think and live beyond the imaginable walls and ceilings that keep us stuck. However, I know that if we keep PUSHING forward, step-by-step, we can at least accomplish some of our goals, regardless of the blockades that surround us.

    As I mentioned in the post, Dubai has its challenges, which will often come with reaching beyond the scope of what most people can imagine. But at least they are willing to cast their net into the sea of possibilities, and in the process, inspire many to reach even higher.


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