Who Is Stormy Wellington?


Stormy Wellington is definitely a rising star in the multi-level marketing industry. She is a woman who grew up, as some would say, on the other side of the tracks. However, she lives by her abiding faith in God and conducts herself with style and grace, excelling at public relations and relationship-building within an organization of over 40,000 people. Stormy Wellington is the youngest Platinum President in Ardyss International, and has broken every record within the organization. She is the third person in North America to accomplish such a feat within Ardyss International.

Stormy Wellington has strategically built and trained an organization of over 7,500 independent distributors, and provided them with the necessary skills to move through the ranks of President, Director, Manager, Coordinator and Advisor. Wellington’s organization is worldwide and has become one of the most powerful organizations in Ardyss International.

She is considered by her peers to be a quiet storm. But for those who know and love her realize she is an awesome force in the multi-level marketing industry that has changed the lives and zip codes of women and men across the country.

A single mother raised this Jamaican-born powerhouse in New York.  Soon after, the family moved to Miami when Stormy became a mother at 15 and again at 18. Motherhood changed her life and also gave her a new zest for life. Being a young mother taught Stormy that failure was not an option. She moved her family to Atlanta, Georgia, and excelled at corporations such as Sprint and Dun and Bradstreet. After which, she ventured into entrepreneurship, opening a very successful boutique until the economy dictated otherwise.

Stormy Wellington was introduced to Ardyss International, October 2008, and her life and her destiny changed forever. While the past year could be remembered as the worst economic downturn our nation has ever experienced, Wellington is accustomed to always rising above the tide.

After the second quarter of 2009, she generated over five-million dollars of revenue for Ardyss International, while earning over a half of a million dollars in personal income for herself. Now debt free, Wellington has now become a Millionairess … not bad for a 29-year-old powerhouse with a G.E.D.

Ardyss is a movement; Stormy calls it, “a progressive movement. My goal is to get every woman, every person that I know, to use the products and/or become a distributor. Just look at how the products are changing people’s lives, zip codes and incomes. Look at the effect they can have. I am passionate about Ardyss. I encourage everybody to get up, take a stand, and say yes to changing your life, your family’s life and create generational wealth for your family.”

Stormy Wellington currently spends her time traveling all over the country as a dynamic motivational speaker, training hundreds of new distributors and impacting the lives of many with her story of prayer, hope, and drive to assure them that if she can do it, so can you. She believes faith is power!

Look for Stormy Wellington in the next issue of People You Need to Know Magazine – Business Superstars Edition.


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  1. lynell thomas

    Wonderful for you........but can this really be done by a novice such as myself.....I will be hosting my first showcase on Sunday july 25 wow are there any suggestions?

  2. PYNTK

    Hello Ms. Thomas,
    Thanks for stopping by. Stormy Wellington's official website is ... http://stormywellington.com

  3. Gill Incorporated » Stormy Wellington Joins Organo Gold

    [...] Stormy Wellington sent shock waves through the networking industry when she decided to leave one company in which she broke many records only to break yet another in Organo Gold by going Emerald in just 6 days. Ms. PorsheaRae also of Organo Gold was able to interview her at Project 50 Thousand in Dallas Texas. [...]

  4. Orlando Coombs

    Wow. Her story is inspiring. I love people like STORMY. Went from RAGS TO RICHES in no time @ all.


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