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What a great evening!

On Wednesday, August 25, 2010, we were cordially invited by Ms. Gale Middleton, Director of Membership at Roam Atlanta in Alpharetta, Georgia, to set-up a People You Need to Know Magazine display table at their monthly “Members on the Move, Mix and Mingle” networking event.

If you haven’t been to Roam Atlanta, you are really missing out on the new place to do business for people on the go. Their website says it best, “Roam Atlanta is an innovative meeting, dining and gathering place for a new and progressive workplace. They are dedicated to people on the move who need a better way to connect with others, work productively and grow their businesses.”

When we first entered Roam Atlanta, we were greeted by the very friendly and outgoing Susan Rae, she’s the Marketing Maven for Roam. Her warm smile set the tone for the evening. She introduced us to her husband, Steve Rae, the Founder/Owner of Roam Atlanta. Steve was very enthusiastic about giving us the grand tour around his 5,000 square foot multi-use facility.

Around 6:00 pm, when the networking began, we started meeting very interesting and diverse people right away. We met Kathy Kendrick, Membership Representative with the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce. She let us know that membership at the North Fulton Chamber offered a host of benefits.

Ms. Deepa K. Lahoti, Financial Adviser with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney stopped by our table to introduce herself and to find out more information about our company. Graphic Designer extraordinaire Mr. Rafael Ottey with Arratone Productions, LLC, came by our table to tell us about the services his company offered such as logos and great deals on business cards and postcards.

It was great to see one of our hardest working clients in People You Need to Know Magazine, Ms. Ingrid Priscilla Wiggberg, the Founder and President of The Party Makers at the event, meeting new people and signing a few autographs on her page in our magazine.

We spoke at length to Skot Waldron with Smbolic Atlanta about how companies can benefit from and stand out with an effective branding strategy. We’re looking forward to Skot being a guest on our radio show. Another young lady we spoke to about Brand Strategy was Joellyn F. Sargent, President of Brand Sprout. Joellyn’s company offers Marketing Consulting and Brand Strategy solutions. Marna Friedman, Business Development Director with WOW Transformations visited with us for a while to talk about how her company helps turn ideas into intellectual property.

Account Executive, Julia W. Gaddis-Brown, with Oce North America Production Printing Systems, stopped by the table to chat for a while. June Pafundi with Parfundi Real Estate a division of Keller Williams was an absolute pleasure to meet.

One of the nicest people we met that night was Ms. Renzie L. Richardson, President of Be Healthy For Life, LLC. Renzie’s mission is to “provide cost effective health and wellness programs, reduce health insurance costs, and educate to inspire healthy lifestyles.” We are proud to welcome Ms. Renzie L. Richardson as the newest client of People You Need to Know Magazine, metro Atlanta’s network of first-class business professionals. She was happy to sign-up right there at Roam. What a great place to do business!

Life Foundations, LLC Founder and Managing Principal, Alexis Ramos visited our table to inquire about our services. And Eryn L. Bennett, Neighborhood Coordinator with WebSafety came by to share with us how her organization is helping to empower parents on Cell Safety and Web Safety.

We also met the talented photographer, Mike Noa. He was there doing what he does best, and that’s taking great pictures. Mike Remer, Visibility Specialist with Locally Visibile was there asking people the million dollar question, “Are you on the first page of Google” if not, Mike can show you how to make that happen, so your business can stand out on the internet. Mr. Asad Halim, CEO of Media Acoustics found the time to come out and network at this energetic event on Windward Parkway in Alpharetta.

And finally, it was an unexpected and absolute pleasure seeing Ms. Marcia Steele, Managing Partner with ODHR Consultants, a fellow professional speaker, whom I haven’t seen for at least six or seven years.

Thanks Roam Atlanta, for even bringing long lost business colleagues together again, we’ll be back soon.

Roam Atlanta – Connect.  Work.  Grow!

Spark Plug ~ Publisher
People You Need to Know Magazine

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4 had something to say.
  1. Gale Middleton

    Thanks Spark Plug!
    It was a pleasure having you with us that evening and we are excited that you were able to obtain new clients and referrals as an immediate benefit of our mixer and your expertise (no doubt).
    We anticipate a very rewarding continued relationship with you and People You Need to Know Magazine.

    Gale Middleton
    Director of Membership
    Roam Atlanta

  2. Susan Rae

    Spark Plug:
    What a pleasure to finally meet you. I really enjoyed our conversation and feel so fortunate that Gale made the connection with you.
    Hope to see you back at Roam and would love to host a program for you!

  3. iip albanjary

    it seems that you had success on your event of business.


  4. Julia W. Gaddis-Brown

    Spark Plug, it was nice chatting with you. I look forward to being on one of your next cover pages. As a long time member of ROAM Alpharetta, I always enjoy the vibe of ROAM and the fellow ROAMers. Thanks ... looking forward to it!


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