Water Liposuction: A Kinder, Gentler Procedure


Sometimes fat just won’t budge no matter how hard we try to eat sensibly and exercise regularly. Fat clings to difficult areas like the belly – usually areas we’re the most self-conscious about – and simply refuses to go away. That’s where liposuction can make a difference.

Now there’s a new innovation in liposuction: water liposuction. This new water-based liposuction technique is starting to attract the attention of people looking for a non-invasive type of body contouring. But exactly what is it?

“This type of liposuction uses the Body Jet device, which is a kinder, gentler form of liposuction using the gentle force of water to remove the fat,” explains Dr. Linda Kelley, cosmetic surgeon at Cobb Wellness Center. “The fat is undamaged and can be used to transfer to other parts of the body or the face.”

One area of the body can be gently sculpted while other areas can be filled. In other words, your own natural fat can be used to fill face wrinkles or enlarge breasts and buttocks. Another advantage over traditional liposuction is there is no need for patients to undergo general anesthesia. Instead, water liposuction is performed under local anesthesia while you’re awake.

“The patient is able to walk out afterwards, the recovery is faster, and they can get back to normal activities quickly,” Dr. Kelley points out.

Dr. Kelley has been in practice for 16 years. She initially trained as a gynecologic surgeon but expanded her practice to include anti-aging and cosmetic medicine during the past eight years.

“I found that patients wanted to look as good as they felt on the inside,” Dr. Kelley says. “It’s nice to see when someone’s life has been changed, either from getting healthier or doing something about their appearance that was making them feel uncomfortable.”

Cobb Wellness Center
can be reached at 770-649-0094.

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    I'll be giving her a call for sure. If this method produces minimal scarring, it's sure to be my choice.


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