Finding Your Style: The WOW Factor ~ Ann-Marie Payne


To have a truly successful business or great personal style, you need to stand out from the crowd and have what I call, The “WOW” factor.

What is The “WOW” factor you ask?

It is the degree to which the first impression of something or someone makes a person say, Wow! It’s an originality factor.

For me, my WOW is being exceptional all the time, presenting myself in the dress-to-impress mode. It’s an innate ability to pull pieces together that harmonize, coordinate but yet, is congruent, cohesive and consistent — to dress in a way that’s is uniquely me. I wear my clothes, and I wear them well.

My mission is to help individuals create their own unique sense of style while staying true to themselves and enhancing their new Image. I incorporate fashion with style and give my clients the confidence that will make them stand out from the crowd – making people say, “WOW” as if they have the “walk on water” factor.

It can be an accessory, the way you speak, carry yourself, the way you look, your hair, the way you walk — it can be one thing or a combination of things. It’s wearing pieces that when combined is above-average, it fits well, flatters your shape, and the color compliments you. It’s flawless even without you putting forth much effort. It’s being comfortable in your own skin, it’s your entire Image, your physical appearance (how you look, what you are wearing), your behavior, (how you act, and communicate).

If you leave home and you do not get a compliment all day, I believe it’s time for a change.

WOW is not looking like everyone else, it’s being able to create your own visual style …”let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable to others”.

You can have the “WOW” factor in all aspects of your life, whether it’s business, social or personal. Sign up for my “WOW Series” at It includes the topics below and learn How to WOW in 2012 in your business, personal and social relationships!

1. Fierce, feminine & fabulous! How to add WOW in your wardrobe!

2. How to WOW in customer service, turning your customers into clients for life!

3. How to WOW in your social lives, tips for being a savvy socialite!


Ann-Marie is the CEO of Impact Image. She is a proud mom of three beautiful teenagers; two girls, Noelani and Ashley, ages 14 & 15, and one boy, Micah, age 17. She has an eye for style, a love for fashion and a passion for helping others not only look good, but feel good about themselves and their lives. Ann-Marie believes that regardless of age, sex, profession, background, or lifestyle, there is always room for improvement and politeness. Showing consideration of others, having proper etiquette and decorum is a must. These things, along with your image, does matter on your path to true success.

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  1. Tom

    Ann-Marie practices was she preaches...all day! Everyday!! She is truly exceptional... and urges everyone else to be.


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