Atlanta Celebrates Lisa Nicole Cloud’s Birthday at the W Hotel!


On the evening of October 15, 2010, excitement was in the air at the luxurious W Hotel in downtown Atlanta, a contemporary landmark located in the upscale Allen Plaza professional office complex, in the most glamorous part of downtown Atlanta.

A crowd of well-wishers in the lounge area at the top of the circular staircase, which included close friends, business associates, and curious onlookers were eagerly anticipating the arrival of one of Atlanta’s most successful and beloved businesswomen, Millionaire-Maker and Direct Sales Superstar with 5Linx, Lisa Nicole Cloud. Unbeknownst to Lisa, her husband, Dr. Darren Naugles, had planned a surprise birthday party for her.

Lisa wanted to go to an event in Washington, D.C., for her birthday; however, her husband had other plans, which included this secret gathering of close friends and business associates at the W Hotel.

To ensure the element of surprise was kept under wraps, when Lisa was seen being led to the top of the staircase by her husband, we were instructed to turn our backs to her so that she would not be able to recognize anyone. Everyone happily complied, and once she ascended to the top, we all turned around and yelled out, “SURPRISE!”

Lisa was both shocked and overjoyed as we all began to sing, Happy Birthday to You. We’ve never seen Lisa look so happy and so beautiful. She truly appreciated the kind gesture everyone showed her on her special day. Patiently, she made her way around the lounge, genuinely thanking everyone for coming, giving hugs to as many people as she could, and posing for picture after picture.

We were happy to greet and network with many of the invited guests who were asked to attend this very special occasion.

Business Superstar Award Winner, Dr. Shai Hall, President of The Dental Spa, arrived early to be a part of this wonderful celebration.

Lori Manns, President of Quality Media Consultant Group, joined us in celebrating Lisa’s special day. Lori Manns, Dr. Shai Hall and Lisa Nicole Cloud recently received an award at the People You Need to Know Magazine Business Superstars’ Awards Breakfast, honoring women in business who make things happen in metro Atlanta. It was held on October 1, 2010, at the Atlanta Marriott Downtown.

It was great seeing LaToya Benita Stephens, M.D. with Legacy Obstetrics & Gynecology; she also attended the Business Superstars’ Awards Breakfast. Lisa’s hardworking Chief Executive Assistant, Chanel Buford ( was also there to wish her boss a very Happy Birthday. Katrina Jarvis-Smith, National Expansion Leader with 5LINX and her husband Eryk were also in attendance.

We met April Williams, a very nice young lady from Douglasville, Georgia, who owns Niche Boutique at Arbor Place Mall. She told us that she has owned her boutique for five years and would love to have more customers come by and check out the latest shoes.

Producer/Director Cathy Irby Durant, with Devine Motion Pictures, was truly a joy to meet. She is excited about debuting her new T.V. show in November 2010 called, “Best of Atlanta on Demand.” Lori Manns and Cathy Irby Durant were extremely delighted to see each other at the party, after losing touch for more than seven years.

Megan Huynh (, real estate agent with Virtual Properties Realty, greeted us with a welcoming smile. Megan also attended our People You Need to Know Magazine Business Superstars’ Awards Breakfast. Mr. Jarret Byrd, Global Expansion Leader with 5LINX was there to take time out of his hectic schedule to pause and wish Lisa Nicole Cloud a very Happy Birthday, along with many others in attendance.

At People You Need to Know Magazine, we were all honored to participate in the surprise birthday party for a woman who has done so much for her community and who has worked hard to leave a lasting legacy.

Ms. Lisa Nicole Cloud, once again, Happy Birthday, and may all of your wishes and dreams come true.

~ People You Need to Know Magazine

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  1. Ray Ortega

    Happy birthday and congratulations on this super surprise!


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