The Pride of 1st Choice Credit Union: President/CEO Daniel Caldwell


Pride is one of those qualities that can go either way in a person. Someone with pride can be boastful and self-inflating, only caring about who they are. Or they can be strong and selfless, focusing on what they can do and who they can help.

It’s easy to see that the President/CEO of 1st Choice Credit Union, Daniel Caldwell, has the right kind of pride. He’s proud of the work he does in a financial institution, working to fill the needs of people who are under-served in the banking industry. He’s proud of the community he serves. And he’s proud that his position allows him to help those who would otherwise struggle to financially succeed.

Sure, the CEO at a big bank might be proud of his work too. He may be proud of inflating fees and increasing the quarterly profit. He might be proud of serving a select and elite clientele. But there’s clearly a difference between that man, and Mr. Caldwell, who is passionate about giving people a chance.

1st Choice Credit Union offers all of the same products as banks. They also have many other in-house financial programs that make it possible for people to buy homes and vehicles — who would otherwise have slipped through the cracks at a large banking organization.

Daniel Caldwell’s proudest moment as Interim CEO, was being able to help someone get approved to buy a vehicle. After the member was turned down for financing at other organizations, Mr. Caldwell was able to say “YES” and get the keys into this member’s hands. How many banking CEOs could say that their proudest moment was measured by the look on someone’s face?

Daniel Caldwell’s pride also shines through in the programs that the credit union offers, and in the way members are treated at 1st Choice by his great staff.  Caldwell is proud that he has a Board of Directors and a staff who are all committed to serving the needs of the membership – and what is best for them is always the driving force when making decisions.

1st Choice Credit Union doesn’t just hold your money and finance loans; their programs are designed to help members gain financial stability, repair credit, and achieve goals. Caldwell notes that being turned down for financing isn’t the end of the line. 1st Choice Credit Union offers financial literacy education to help you take the steps to get approved in the future. They also offer a first-time home buyer’s workshop, where members can learn if they qualify for grants to help them buy their first home.

If you’re looking for a financial institution that cares, call Atlanta’s 1st Choice Credit Union, and experience the pride for yourself. (404) 832-5800

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