The Law Office of Donald P. Edwards Sponsors Helping Women Succeed Spring Empowerment Summit


We are proud to announce that the Law Office of Donald P. Edwards is a Silver Sponsor of the 4th Annual “Helping Women Succeed” in Atlanta Spring Empowerment Summit. This event will be held on April 12, 2014 at the InterContinental Buckhead Hotel. Tickets: (No sales at the door.)

Hometown: I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, and I am a loyal, and often disappointed, Bills fan.

Education: I went to Morehouse College at the recommendation of several alumni from Buffalo. There was already a well-established group of my peers and mentors at Morehouse and about eight of us travelled down to Morehouse in 1966.

What do you love about Atlanta? Aside from the very visible African American leadership in Atlanta that I did not see in Buffalo, it was that first spring, with the sweet smell of magnolias and the color of the dogwoods that got me hooked. My return to Atlanta after Boston University Law School was prompted by receiving an NAACP Legal Defense Fund Fellowship that allowed me to work with Atlanta’s best civil rights law firm, Ward, Moore and Alexander.

In your distinguished 40-year career as a personal injury attorney, what has brought you the greatest joy? It would be better put as greatest “joys” – satisfied and well compensated clients following long and highly contested cases.

Your legal expertise has earned you the Martindale-Hubbell “AV” rating. What does it mean? It is an honor given to attorneys based upon the recommendations of one’s peers and signifies the highest ethical level of professionalism and ability in the profession. I have also been honored as a “Super Lawyer” for the past 4 years. This designation also reflects the recommendation of peers, as well as professional successes.

Why was it very important for you to not just be a lawyer, but to be an agent for social change? Remember that my college and law school years were in the late 60’s and early 70’s, a time of social tumult due to the ”American” war and the organized resistance to the recently passed Civil Rights laws.  I knew that at the forefront of the struggle were lawyers.  It was my honor to begin my legal career with mentors like attorneys Donald Hollowell, Horace Ward and Howard Moore, Jr.

Community Service has always been important to you. When did you become known as “The Community Minded Attorney”? I never forgot the advice that Howard Moore Jr. gave to me.  He said, “If you serve your community, your community will return the favor.”

Name some of the organizations that have honored you with awards and citations for your leadership. Let me just direct the reader to my website:

The Boy Scouts organization is near and dear to your heart. Why is this organization still relevant today? The Boy Scouts organization provides our young boys with exposure to the grandness of nature and the opportunity to learn the lessons nature can teach all of us. Learning outdoor survival skills is an important accomplishment. The Scouts provides discipline with fun. As chair of the South Atlanta “Sankofa”, it was a joy and honor to know and work with a devoted corps of parents and scout leaders.

You are an activist in pursuit of a more peaceful world. As a peacemaker, what do you want your legacy to be for the next generation? The planet is under environmental stress which will aggravate political tensions world-wide. Our present and future generations will need to learn to “de-tribalize” our planet and encourage cooperation and sharing of resources to limit the damages of war and destruction. Following the example of the life and literal teachings of Jesus would help.

As a proud father, a committed husband, and a very successful businessman, what drives you to keep going every day? Tuition.

What is your most important accomplishment? My marriage and my daughters.

What is your advice to anyone who is trying to reach the top? Don’t stop reaching.

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