The GREAT Opportunity of Starting Over ~ Brenda Thomas


In October 1988, Brenda Thomas moved to Atlanta from Miami, Florida, with great hopes and dreams. Her husband and kids were excited about the opportunity to have a fresh start and signs of success seemed to be all around them. She was optimistic about what their brand new life would bring. After a while, things slowly starting losing their luster and Brenda began to feel as if she was losing herself in her marriage.

Eventually, her marriage started to rapidly decline, which lead to a divorce. The challenges didn’t stop there. After 14 years of faithful service to DeKalb County, her job was unexpectedly terminated. It was at this very moment that Brenda realized it was time to start over, reclaim, and redefine her life.

Starting over has not been easy for Brenda. Her saving grace was the fact that she was raised in a family of strong and determined women who gave her a firm spiritual foundation. So Brenda gathered up the small bit of strength that she had left and began moving forward, determined to start over.

Now she’s back with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and a brand new zeal for life. Today, Brenda is the President of ROLE Professional Cleaning Service and works with an amazing team.

When asked about her definition of success, Brenda states, “I would say, in order for you to be successful, you have to be a great servant first. You cannot lead unless you’ve been a servant.  And in order to be a great leader, you have to go through something in your life … some struggles, some triumphs, some things that make and shake your character and define who you are.”

The death of her son, her divorce, her sudden job loss and her struggles as a single parent definitely all qualify Brenda as someone who’s grown and who’s still growing through challenges.

Brenda has paid a great price to start over, and things are beginning to looking a lot rosier. She’s carving out a new life for her family. And now, more than ever before, Brenda is determined to not lose herself along the way.

Written by Jacqueline Benjamin Thomas

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3 had something to say.
  1. Linda Jones

    This article is awesome! Brenda is a Winner and survivor! She is a Phenomenal Woman! Love your Magazine.

  2. PYNTK

    Yes, she is. Thanks for the compliment.

  3. Phyllis Minley

    Such an inspiration!


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