The Five Types of Smart Women ~ Written by: Sheri McConnell


Creating the Five Types of Smart Women is important and personal work to me because as women, we each have a huge responsibility to inspire younger generations to “practice awareness”. As you read through the five types of smart women below, hopefully you will see a little or even a lot of yourself in each type. My goal with the Smart Women Types is twofold: one, you can use them as a tool for self-growth and two, you can use them to have a better understanding of how to market to each of these types of women in your own businesses.

Type One “Encourager”

The first type of Smart Woman is the encourager. She spends most of her time helping others accomplish their goals. She loves to share resources and actually refuels, the more she shares them. The encourager also feels validated each time someone experiences growth from her help. She needs to be cautious of burnout and propping others up too much.

Type Two “The Big Thinker”

The second type of Smart Woman is the big thinker. She spends most of her time thinking and planning the big picture. She offers inspiration to those who are detail-oriented and loves being part of a movement. She is extremely productive when she takes time to see the moving parts. She needs to be cautious of being overwhelmed and not following through on her ideas.

Type Three “The Manager”

The third type of Smart Woman is the manager. She spends most of her time managing projects and people. She is in the zone when she can pull all the right resources together to complete a project on time and in an efficient manner. She needs to be cautious of micromanaging her team and not empowering them to come up with better solutions on their own. She should also be cautious of burnout.

Type Four “The Implementer”

The fourth type of Smart Woman is the implementer. The implementer is at her best when she can hop from one project to another and be a part of the end results. She would rather be in the fast-moving thick of things than in start-up. She needs to be cautious of not forgetting about low hanging fruit in her business before moving onto the next project. She also needs to make sure she enjoys the journey.

Type Five “The Connector”

The fifth type of Smart Woman is the connector. The connector is at her best when she can bring people together and match strengths with other’s weaknesses. She thrives when she is able to be social and resourceful at the same time. She is often looked at as the go to “people” person. She, like the encourager needs to be cautious that the majority of her time is not spent propping others up. She struggles when others disapprove of her.

To read about the five types in detail, including all the red flags to look out for and how to grow into balancing all the types within yourself, be sure to pick up a copy of Smart Women Know Their Why.


Sheri McConnell is the CEO of Sheri McConnell Companies, Inc. and the president and founder of two global organizations, the Smart Women’s Institute of Entrepreneurial Learning (formerly the National Association of Women Writers-2001) and the Global Institute of Associations-GIA. You can visit Sheri, access her free article archive, and grab lots of free stuff at or

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