The Color of Beauty


You may have heard of Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese system believed to bring harmony to your house and ensure health and good fortune to the people living there. Now, Feng Shui is being applied to your wardrobe with Fashion Feng Shui, a way of dressing your whole self — mind, body and spirit. According to Lisa K. Ford, AICI, certified image, color and style consultant and Fashion Feng Shui facilitator in Tampa, “The theory behind Fashion Feng Shui is that it’s important to address every aspect of yourself – spiritual, mental and physical, to create a wardrobe that is fulfilling, fortifying, flattering and functional.”

Lisa Ford refers to her consultation as a “Fashion Feng Shui Journey” in which you will learn about yourself in ways you never imagined and find out which clothes harmonize with your body and flatter your figure. “Clothing is your body’s most intimate environment and, therefore, energetically influences your life in the same way that your home and business decors do,” says Ford. In my Fashion Feng Shui consultation, Ford described me as an “Earth energy” type – a peacemaker who prefers textured fabrics and traditional styling in versatile and basic clothes. I found that explanation to accurately describe my personal style.

Another color expert, Lauren Battistini, founder of Color My Closet in Houston, Texas, maintains that color accounts for up to 90% of the first impression we make and she teaches women how to use it to their advantage. “The right colors visually shave 10 pounds and 10 years in an instant! Women can wear virtually any color in the right hue, and their personalized palettes contain their 64 best colors,” says Battistini. “Up to two-thirds of women are neutral–not cool or warm–and Color My Closet’s system more fully represents the skin tones found in all ethnicities.”

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  1. The Fitness Diva

    I do believe in Feng Shui, and notice that when I opened up the pathways in my house, I did become a lot more productive and had more energy. There was just a better flow for everything.
    The color thing is interesting. I have tried to use color in the past to "open people up" to me in situations where I have to address a group of people that I don't know (which happens from time to time when I teach workshops). They say that the color blue makes people trust you, and I'll opt for either a light blue or even white colored clothing in certain situations. If I'm going somewhere to teach a martial arts or self defense program, I will wear black to give an immediate image of being "in command". Yep! I think that there's really something to it! ;)
    Great discovery, and I'll have to be sure to come back and check out those links.

  2. PYNTK

    Like you, I believe in Feng Shui. There's a whole different energy in the air when it's put into practice. Also, colors definitely carry strong symbols, and it would be wise for us to put a little study into how they can benefit us in our personal lives as well as business.

  3. eastcoastlife

    Here in Asia, we believe in Feng Shui a lot. It's the wisdom with more than 5000 years of history and it works.

  4. PYNTK

    There's a science to Feng Shui that you can definitely FEEL.


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