The Beauty of Silence


Today is my birthday. I arose early, just as I have always done for most of my life. Never needing an alarm clock, my God-given internal clock rings loudly throughout my consciousness each morning, compelling me to get up and start moving about.

For me, there’s something spiritual about the early part of the day when most people are still asleep, at least in my part of the world. It’s when I’m the most creative and I can actually hear myself think. I once heard that people blast loud music in their cars because they want to drown out the noise in their heads. They don’t want any of their thoughts to manifest themselves and begin to slowly unravel. (Interesting observation.)

Anyway … this morning, I got up feeling thankful for the silence and the fact that I’ve been given one more day to live this wonderful life.

I immediately began to think of my friend I’ve had since the 8th grade, Teresa Smoot and the heartfelt “Sister” card she sent me for my birthday. I also received a glitzy card from Dori Peaple, one of my blogging friends who is from Georgia, but resides in England. Paula Brock, a special friend sent a beautiful card via Send Out Cards and included some delicious brownies. Last week, RE Ausetkmt, another dear friend, brought me a mouthwatering, homemade, Red Velvet cake all the way from Detroit and gave me a beautiful red handbag. How wonderful it is to have friends. Thanks ladies! You’re the best.

I don’t know what other surprises this day holds for me, but I’m thankful for the breath I’m breathing, right now, at this very moment. And, I’m especially thankful for my husband, Spark Plug!

So ladies, before you dive into your hectic day at work, try basking in the beauty of silence, it will make a huge difference. Enjoy your weekend!

– Jacqueline


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6 had something to say.
  1. RE - RecycledFrockery

    oooooooo Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday - It's Your Birthday, It's Your Birthday !! I know you put on those red stillettos and grabbed your red bag and took that lunch with Alicia. (wink*wink) as you promised. Gorgeous Women should LUNCH Often. see ya in October and be ready for another power boost !

  2. Megan from Australia

    happy, happy day to you. I wish I was there to give you a hug and celebrate with you over a piece of cake and coffee.

  3. PYNTK

    Hello RE! Thanks again for that beautiful red bag. Did you see the Twitpic? I'll talk to you soon. Also look for the info from Alabama Mike. See ya in October. :-)

  4. PYNTK

    Hello Megan, Australia is not that far away. LOL Thanks for the birthday wishes. :-)

  5. Megan from Australia

    I promise you....I am coming for coffee and cake when I visit the US.

  6. PYNTK

    OK ... :-) I look forward to meeting you.


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