This is what a few of our satisfied clients are saying…

Veda Wood, Real Estate Agent – says, “I have been able to actually track closed transactions, which came directly from advertising in People You Need to Know. The quality and caliber of the publication sets the advertising professionals apart and attracts a higher quality customer or client.”

Dr. Shai Hall, President of The Dental Spa says, “People You Need to Know Magazine has been my number one referral source for the past six years.”

Dr. Danielle Greene, Developer of Kissable Toothpaste – Fabulous Smiles of Atlanta says, “This has been my 11th year advertising with People You Need to Know. The exposure from this publication has increased my patient population by 35%. I have recommended it to all of my colleagues.”

Attorney Karen Gregory Hines, of Hines & Associates says, “Since 2002, as a result of advertising with People You Need to Know, my clientele has grown consistently. It has been a pleasure working with Spark Plug and Jacqueline.”

2 had something to say.
  1. Jonan B. Castillon

    I am honored and humbled for having been given the chance to work on a writing assignment with People You Need to Know. I am grateful for the trust PYNTK gave despite the odds. Jacqueline's kindness and affirmation are great encouragement to me, a big push to move on and achieve well. It's a pleasure working with PYNTK.

  2. PYNTK

    Hello Jonan,

    It's never too late to say thanks. Your kind words are appreciated. :-)


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