Ten Great Reasons to Hire a Coach


People turn to coaching for various reasons. Some begin with a single purpose in mind and end up adding more as they realize how much more they are able to accomplish. It is a fact that people who have good coaches accomplish more than those who do not.

Do any of these describe you?

1. Feeling stuck, out of balance or burned out?
2. Working on a new endeavor or demanding project?
3. In a major life, business or career transition?
4. Difficulty making decisions?
5. Want more out of life?
6. Facing challenges growing your business?

Ten Great Reasons to Hire a Coach

1. Get clear about what you really want in your life
A good coach will work with you to explore and clarify your needs, values and beliefs and set goals that are in alignment with these principles. One of the most important things that a coach can help you do is to clarify your career goals to determine if you are on the right track or if you need to make some changes. After this is accomplished, your coach will help you set up a specific plan to achieve the outcome you desire.

A coach works with you to take an objective look at where you are compared to where you want to be in your life or career. She will also help you to recognize the skills, abilities and talents that you may not even be aware of.

2. Give yourself an edge in your business or profession
It is becoming more challenging for a business owner to be able to work on their own when the competition among companies is fiercely competitive. It is crucial to find help to give you that competitive edge. A coach gives you an outside perspective on how your business is running. Because most businesses don’t typically take measures to find out, this in itself gives you an edge over your competition.

A skilled coach will also show career professionals how to stand out from other candidates within their organization and gain an edge in getting promoted.

3. Develop a strategic business plan
A primary reason most businesses fail is due to a lack of planning. A coach will be able to show you how to develop a strategic action plan to improve your business’ profitability through a range of business strategies including goals and objectives, products and services, competitive analysis,  management, marketing,  sales and operations.

4. Increase your leadership skills
A coach helps leaders set and achieve meaningful and powerful goals by creating a dialogue to identify your gifts, develop your capacity and optimize your results. Working with a good coach provides you with accountability, feedback and insights to give you the discipline and motivation that provides an edge. You will develop the leadership skills needed to succeed and develop an effective organization.

5. Explore and develop your untapped potential
One of the most powerful measures to maximize your potential and produce better results is coaching. No matter where you stand or how successful you may be, a coach will challenge you to stretch and grow in new and exciting ways. As humans, we have an innate need to learn and grow and coaching will enable you to accomplish more and reach your peak performance, in a shorter amount of time, than you ever would without a coach.

6. Get unstuck and move forward
A coach will help you to identify what’s holding you back, give you the confidence to get unstuck–to change careers, mend relationships, or simply kick your life into gear.

A coach will help point your life in the right direction and challenge you to make things happens rather than watching life pass you by and wondering what happened.

7. Achieve a more balanced, fulfilling and meaningful life
One of the most common complaints from people today is that their plate is too full.  A coach will help you to manage the demands of your work and personal life. This includes understanding how to recognize, address and resolve common issues and how to develop strategies to cope with emotions such as stress or anger. A coach will work with you to learn the ongoing art of how to strike the right work/life balance.

8. Take action to achieve your most important goals
A good coach will work with you to set meaningful goals and hold you accountable for reaching them. Your coach will keep you from procrastinating or becoming stalled during the process of accomplishing your goals. She will encourage you when needed, but she will also push you into action to achieve your goals while providing additional insight and expertise to help you make better decisions.

9. Overcome fears and self-limiting beliefs
Many people have big goals but fear often holds them back from achieving them. A skilled coach will help you to face your fears and live your dream life. Your coach will help you to recognize the causes of your fear and work with you to gain the confidence to overcome those fears and self-limiting beliefs and create the future you want.

If you’re going for something bigger than you’ve ever achieved before, fear and resistance are certain to arise. A trusted and respected coach will help keep you on track in moving through the fear and resistance.

10. Be transparent without being judged
A coach has no other agenda than to help you succeed. A coach finds out what you are willing to do to get the results you want, and holds you accountable to attain your goals, in a safe and non-judgmental way. Your coach will create an environment where you feel safe and comfortable to share your fears, weaknesses and shortcomings, and brainstorm ways to overcome your challenges.

If any of these speak to you, I encourage you to explore more about what coaching is, how it works and whether you’re ready. To experience coaching first hand, call 678.289.0148 today to arrange a 15-minute complimentary session with Rebecca McClain.

Written by: Rebecca McClain, Personal and Executive/Business Coach

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