Tawana Lael Empowers Artists


K.Y.D.A. Entertainment was created in 1996 in New York by Tawana Gilbert, aka, Tawana Lael, an entertainer herself, out of a need to satisfy a dream that she herself had once put aside. She has joined the ranks of other women business owners in metro Atlanta who are reaching out to help others in their same field succeed.

Tawana wants to encourage and empower other artists (mainly women) who have put aside their dreams and aspirations of working as a recording artist or a performing artist and to give them the platform to transform their dreams into realities.

K.Y.D.A. is an independent record label and artist development company with a mission to teach the skills necessary to excel as a performing artist in today’s music industry. The company relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, in 2006. The acronym K-Y-D-A stands for Keeping Your Dreams Alive!

Tawana, is an accomplished artist in her own right. She is a formally trained vocalist, actress and dancer. Her training has been with some of the best in the business. They include but are not limited to Ankh Ra, Making the Band 4 (Vocals); Alvin Ailey Dance School (Ballet, Tap, and Jazz); George Faison (Choreographer); and Hilda Willis (Acting/Career Coach).

For more information, contact Tawana at 770-720-2115 or visit www.myspace.com/kydaentertainment.


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