Tarra Jackson to Speak at Kick-off of Helping Women Succeed in America Tour


Tarra Jackson, Interim President/CEO of Credit Union of Atlanta, will be a guest speaker at the kick-off of the Helping WOMEN Succeed in America Tour held at the Fernbank Auditorium in Atlanta, Georgia on January 29th.

At the time of her youth, not many young girls were dreaming of carving out a future in helping people meet their financial goals, but Tarra Jackson knew that it was her path in high school.

While Tarra was still a young up-and-coming banking professional at NationsBank, now Bank of America, she won Orator of the Year from the Urban Financial Services Coalition. This inspired her to advance further in the financial services industry and now she serves as Interim President/CEO of Credit Union of Atlanta.

“Helping members of the Credit Union of Atlanta meet their financial goals as well as developing employees to be significant movers and shakers in the industry and in their community is my greatest accomplishment,” she says.

She graduated from Strayer University in Washington D.C., majoring in Business Administration. She then went on to further study at the Credit Union Executive Society Institute at Wharton Business School in Pennsylvania, Cornell University in New York and Darden University in Virginia.

Not only is finance a passion
for Tarra, but she is also interested in technology. “Anything dealing with technology captures my attention,” she says. “I love gadgets like cell phones and computers. Can’t wait for the new iPhone.”

A single mother with a 14-year-old son, Tarra moved to Atlanta two years ago and loves the accessibility to diverse professionals. “Atlanta is full of options and opportunities,” she says. She is a member of the African American Credit Union Coalition, the Credit Union Executive Society, the GA Credit Union Affiliates and the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

Of course, this mover and shaker
takes a break every once in a while and enjoys three of her favorite things: relaxing at her home, delighting in her favorite dessert: chocolate lava cake, or watching TV Land to unwind.

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