Sylvia Secret Mikell: Superstar Image Expert ~ Total Image By Secret


Secret Mikell’s late grandmother had her own secret to success — never underestimate the power of making an impeccable first impression — that became the inspiration for Secret’s business, Total Image by Secret.

“My late grandmother had a great influence on me,” Secret says. “She had two non-profit organizations dedicated to the growth and development of underprivileged children – myself included. She exposed them to model training, culture, and etiquette and used various field trips and activities to build character and self-esteem. She instilled wisdom, courage and faith in the lives that she touched; ultimately, I learned that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.”

Secret uses the same principles to help people create an image and style that will help make a lasting first impression, and take them where they want to go in life. She also learned that anything is possible from experience. When Secret came to Atlanta ten years ago with her young daughter, going through a divorce with only $200 in her checking account and sleeping on the sofas of family and friends, she never gave up.

“I worked two part-time jobs,” she says. “I am self-motivated and a natural goal setter; therefore, I remained focused on where I wanted to be, instead of where I was at the moment.” Secret applied her own secrets of success and did quite well, tripling her income in one year. She doesn’t watch television, doesn’t even have cable, and unsurprisingly, her favorite book is Cashflow Quadrant, which talks about creating multiple streams of income.

“Doing business in Atlanta is all about knowing the right people, having a great attitude, delivering a quality service or product, following through with promises and staying in contact with clients, prospects, and business associates,” she states. “And that’s just a few of my secrets to success.”

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