Women Are Still Rising Up


It’s no big secret that women are rising up like never before, driven to own their own business, secure their own future and set their own hours. Just look around our site. It’s flooded with smart, savvy, educated, successful businesswomen and constantly growing. Why have these women decided to steer their own ship? What motivates them to keep moving forward, taking risk after risk, despite the many obstacles, which lie before them?

All of these women have their own personal reason(s) for taking charge of their financial future and finding fulfillment in their lives. Maybe the economy pushed them into the business ownership arena, or their regular jobs just weren’t producing the money they needed to make ends meet, or maybe they just got laid-off and decided becoming self-employed was the only solution at this point in their professional lives.

About a year ago, Ingrid Priscilla Wiggberg, Founder of The Party Makers, an event planning company, decided that now was the best time to start her business. After being laid-off from her job, she decided to take a risk, and in the face of our economic downturn, the worst in a generation, she stepped out into the unknown and has already experienced success.

When Ingrid was growing up, she watched her mother plan parties, entertain party guests, and take care of every small detail to make sure everyone at the event was comfortable. Since planning parties was literally in her blood, it was easy for Ingrid to act on her passion, which was instilled by her mother, (God rest her soul) who has now passed away. In a sense, Ingrid is keeping her mother’s dream alive.

What about you … are you ready to launch out into the deep? Does your heart long to take action on a dream that’s been knocking at the door of your heart? Well, now is the perfect time to join other women in their quest to follow their dreams.

Rise up and take charge of your situation. Enjoy the freedom that comes with owning your own business. Of course you’ll work harder, but at least you will be doing something that you’ll enjoy. But before you take the plunge, please find a mentor. A mentor can save you an enormous amount of time and thousands of dollars on your journey.

There are many groups and organizations which support women in business. Organizations such as People You Need to Know, headed by nationally known motivational speaker, author and publisher, Anthony “Spark Plug” Thomas, are dedicated to helping women thrive, so the nation can prosper.

May you arise, go forth, and conquer all that you set out to do.

– Jacqueline 🙂

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