Stormy Wellington to Speak at Kick-off of Helping WOMEN Succeed in America Tour


Stormy Wellington will be a guest speaker at the kick-off of the Helping WOMEN Succeed in America Tour held at the Fernbank Auditorium in Atlanta, Georgia on January 29th. Topic: From GED to Millionaire!

As a young child, Stormy Wellington watched her mother struggle to make ends meet and although she appreciated what her mother did for the family, Stormy was determined to one day live a better life. However, as a single mother of two in her 20’s, Stormy found herself in the same position, struggling financially with her home in foreclosure and electricity cut off. That was then and this is now.

Stormy has transformed her life and now serves as Platinum President of Ardyss International. She has realized her dreams of becoming a millionaire, moved into a nice neighborhood with better schooling for her children, and is now able to take care of her disabled mother by getting her into a new house.

Stormy had never worked in the network marketing industry before, but will never forget the day she was introduced to Ardyss International, because it was the day her life began to change for the better. “I have not struggled since,” she says.

Stormy was working a desk job in the collections departmen
t at a large company for $13 an hour. She had discovered Ardyss’ slenderizing garments and when co-workers began asking how she lost weight, word spread quickly. Stormy did the math. She could sit at a job she didn’t like, or leave and sell two to three garments a day. Her choice became clear.

Stormy’s success happened so swiftly,
she found it necessary to plan time with her family. “Wednesday is family day,” she explains. “I am so busy with my business that I had to make sure to spend a day with my two children and mother. We cook together, go to dinner or out to a movie.”

Her goal is to show people how they too can get healthy and wealthy. “Believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams,” are the powerful words she lives by.

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2 had something to say.
  1. RE-

    Stormy has a tremendous story and every woman who plans to heighten her business profile needs to hear it. this is going to be a wonderful event and I hope that the progressive women of the atl pack the place up.

  2. PYNTK

    We're excited about the event! Stormy is definitely an example of someone who grabbed life by the lapels and said, "I'm taking what's mine." :-)


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