Stormy Wellington to Release New Book, “Born to Fail, Destined to Win”


“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome,” wrote famous poet, Anne Bradstreet.

That quote certainly applies to Stormy Wellington, who has come through trials most people can only imagine, to see her dreams of becoming a millionaire come true. Now she has written a book, Born to Fail, Destined to Win, as a way to inspire people and let them know, no matter what circumstances they find themselves in, they can turn their lives around.

“To be where I am right now as a woman,” she says, “I had to fight.” She’s not kidding.

The hardest part of the book to write was about her childhood when she relived the memories of being separated from her siblings and put into foster care. “I had nobody, just me,” she reveals, the pain still in her voice. “I stood alone, lost, and lonely.”

Life didn’t get any easier. Stormy became a single mother and struggled financially in her 20s and during one of the low points in her life, she found her home in foreclosure and the electricity cut off. However, failure was not an option and Stormy turned her life around to become the youngest Platinum President of Ardyss International.

She believes the trials and tribulations she went through helped her become the strong, independent woman she is today. Although Stormy sees a lot of things in her past showing up in her present, she feels writing the book was like therapy.

“With every chapter I wrote, I felt like I was leaving it behind,” she states.

Her book will be released this summer and available through bookstores and Amazon. “I want people to read the book and be transformed,” says Stormy.

Source: People You Need to Know
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    Her experience will be transformative to many who read her book. Looking forward to seeing it in stores.


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