Stormy Wellington Walks Away from Phenomenal Success & Starts Over Again


“Change before you have to,” says Stormy Wellington. Do not be conformed to this world and follow the masses. Too many people wait until it’s too late to decide to do something different, even though they know they need to change.”

This network marketing guru boldly walked away from a company where she was at the top of her game, breaking records, and earning $25,000 to $100,000 a month, to start all over again with a company that sells healthy, organic coffee, Organo Gold.

Why? Stormy was attracted to the company’s stable environment, great leadership, compensation plan, and a product that people consume on a daily basis. You don’t have to teach, train, or educate anyone to drink coffee, they drink it anyway.

Breaking records is the norm for Stormy … becoming an Emerald Consultant in only eight short days and being the first single African-American woman to achieve Diamond Consultant status. She’s truly a Storm and has already become a rising star in the company.

“I am a visionary,” says this powerhouse woman. “So many people are stuck worrying about the fear of loss instead of seeing the possibility of gain. You have to learn to change your mind, in order to change your money. Make up your mind and raise your expectations in life. You deserve the best — both quality and quantity of life.

Stormy knows from personal experience what positive thinking can accomplish. As a young child, she always believed that she was going to be wealthy, but didn’t have a vehicle. Stormy was never a fan of school, so she found it hard to discover a true career path. Those whom she knew who had become wildly successful, became wealthy from their intellectual property, not their degrees. Yet, Stormy never lost hope and knew without a doubt one day she would take the world by storm and be successful and wealthy.

By walking in her purpose and remaining strong in her faith, Stormy was able to turn adversity into accomplishment, becoming a self-made millionaire, a motivational speaker, an author, and now a star with Organo Gold.

“I want people to know if I can do it, so can they,” Stormy says. “You possess the key to all things. With a positive mental attitude, belief, courage, faith and hard work, there is nothing you can’t accomplish.”

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6 had something to say.
  1. Ellen

    You are an awesome inspiration ... Creative visionary with amazing talents! I came by your path by chance, but this is not chance, you were bought in my path to help me grow!! I appreciate you!!!

  2. Tracie Davis

    So very proud of this young lady. She is truly a force to be reckoned with. So glad I too partnered with her and have not looked back!

  3. Mark Bonnett

    Continued success!

  4. Corona Foust

    Thank you Stormy for being my Shero! I wake up with a smile and say I wanna be like Stormy! Loving what I do with promoting my business with Organo Gold. I will be successful in 2012. I'm claiming it yes I am. Sending up prayers for you Sister. Love you!

  5. Kelly Tolar

    Stormy you are a total inspiration. Thank you for being "real". Continued success in changing one life at a time.

    Thank you,
    Kelly Tolar

  6. Nicole Spice

    You are truly amazing.....shout out from CA!


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