Stormy Wellington Empowers Herself Through Giving


She’s tough. She speaks her mind. And like many successful people, she is often misunderstood. Stormy Wellington knows her own heart, so she keeps it moving.

Anyone chatting with this powerhouse will sense her tough vibes as well as her genuine caring nature. She has the gift to elevate people, helping them be more, do more and have more. Her influential style encourages others to excel.

Her greatest strength is educating others about the business field. She has the unique ability to break things down into simple terms that people can easily understand. She says that teaching someone “how”, empowers them.

What drove her was hearing it couldn’t be done, so she went on to do it. “Who told you, you could not!” she exclaimed. The gratefulness in her spirit is real, as she explains that she is truly blessed. She believes God wants her to be an example to others, especially women.

Stormy takes great pride in giving because of the good feeling it gives her. She doesn’t seek praise for what she does because she says God knows. She spends time nurturing a group of young women, often treating them to beauty salon visits. She says successful people must not only have a mentor, but also be a mentor, as success often comes by way of someone else.

Talking with Stormy, you realize there is more to her than meets the eye. She believes she will always be successful by default, based on her spirit of helping and a life-long commitment to giving.  She says real wealth is helping empower others. When you empower others – you empower yourself.

Stormy Wellington is a strong woman who cares. She is proud of building a legacy based on helping others through giving.

Article from the 2012 Edition of People You Need to Know Magazine

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