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As the Founder of Changing Phases Behavioral Support, Inc., Mya Cullins brings countless years of experience to this field as well as the education to assist her with building healthier children, adults and families. She has the knowledge and a crystal clear understanding of using a holistic approach to break down the many stigmas that are generally associated with the Mental Health & Substance Abuse clientele. Through this skill, she is able to truly change lives for a better future.

Mya Cullins received her Bachelor’s degree from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University in Social Work. Upon graduating, Mya immediately continued her studies at Capella University where she received her Master of Science degree in Counseling Studies. She is also a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

Mya has done a wide range of community events bringing people together and creating a much needed support system for those with mental health and substance abuse struggles. It is obvious through her success with Mental Health and Substance Abuse clientele that she truly has an authentic calling to provide quality and professional services to all persons affected by these diseases.

Mya addresses the immediate needs of others through her self-motivation, determination, and spirit of excellence to do whatever is ethically possible to assure that the clientele is treated as people first, despite their diagnosis. Using her eye for the at-risk population, Mya spearheads and develops various projects which in essence makes her a natural born entrepreneur.

Mya Cullins’ confidence and expertise has been developed by a 10-year track record of success. She does not believe in stagnation, especially when there is still a need in the community.

Mya Cullins is currently releasing her second book soon!!

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