Dr. Tiffany Jamison-Rand, Atlanta Cosmetic Dentist


Dr. Tiff

Dr. Tiff is an Atlanta native, cosmetic dentist, business owner, community servant and committed wife and daughter. Her experience and research at the Atlanta Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gives her a unique understanding of the mouth and body relationship, and this knowledge now plays a role in her everyday practice. Studies prove that straight white teeth improve others’ first impression of you because people often associate a great smile and straight teeth with health, wealth, self-confidence, youth and intellect.

From braces to custom-made porcelain veneers, Dr. Tiff can create the custom-made smile of your dreams. Utilizing her Lifestyle Dentistry concept, both health and cosmetic dentistry are incorporated to give her patients the best smile for every milestone in their lives.

In addition to being a practicing dentist, Dr. Tiff serves as the CEO of a dental practice management company – Avala Dental Providers (ADP). Through her leadership of ADP, she has developed a specialty in acquiring and rapidly turning around distressed dental practices. Avala currently operates 2 locations in the Atlanta area with plans for further expansion in 2016.

In Dr. Tiff’s spare time, she seeks out opportunities to educate and mentor young adults and teens under the umbrella of her “I Love My Dentist” Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to change the stigma of dental visits by encouraging prevention care rather than reaction to dental health conditions. The foundation also encourages youth to consider dentistry as a career choice.

Dr. Tiff also serves as a mentor to numerous young women at Spelman, Clark Atlanta and Georgia State who are interested in health careers and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Tiff is married to Bryan Rand, a successful investment banker and Partner at Belstone Capital.

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Locations: Lilburn & Alpharetta

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