Spotlight: Darline Turner-Lee


Darline Turner-Lee, Owner and Founder

Next Step Fitness, Inc.
Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond

Darline Turner-Lee is the owner and founder of Next Step Fitness, Inc., a women’s health and fitness business and its subsidiary, Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond, an online information, support, referral base and resource for pregnant women on prescribed bed rest.

Darline has always been passionate about women’s health. Her curiosity was first piqued in 1978 when Louise Brown, the first test tube baby was born. Since then, she has been fascinated with all aspects of women’s reproductive health. Her passion led her to earn a BS in Biology and her Masters in Health Science as a physician assistant.

She soon realized that the current US health care system lacks the tools and resources necessary for women to make wise, informed health care choices. As a woman’s wellness consultant, group exercise and personal fitness trainer via Next Step Fitness, Inc., Darline empowered women to improve their health with information, courses and fitness classes.

When Darline encountered problems having her children, she soon recognized what a dearth of information, resources and support was available for high risk pregnant women. During her second pregnancy, she produced Bedrest Fitness, an exercise DVD of modified prenatal exercises for pregnant women on prescribed bed rest. In 2009 she created Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond and dedicates her time to creating a “one stop shop” for pregnant women on prescribed bed rest to locate information, coaching support, doulas and in-home support and useful products all geared towards the high risk pregnant mama.

Darline Turner-Lee, BS, MHS, PA-C

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