Speaker & Trainer Nancy J. Lewis Transforms Women in Business


In a business climate where women are expected to do it all, Nancy J. Lewis is teaching women how to transform their careers without giving up their lives. Sometimes when you radically transform one part of your life, another part gets pushed to the back burner. This isn’t always a bad thing, but when it comes to having a family life and a successful career, you want to be able to transform while striking a healthy balance.

She says the key to finding a balance is knowing your priorities, and keeping them at the front of your mind. Once you know what’s important, you can maintain balance by reflecting on how your actions reflect your goals, and making the necessary adjustments. You also have to stay grounded during turmoil and triumph.

“Every businesswoman has to be grounded in something that keeps her strong during difficult times. My anchor and strength that keeps me grounded is my faith in God.”- Nancy J. Lewis

Knowing yourself is the key to all transformations. Lewis has witnessed many women take their lives into their own hands, allowing them to fulfill their purpose based on what they’re passionate about. But passion isn’t the deciding factor on whether or not a woman will be successful. When asked what a woman could do today to improve her chances at success, Lewis noted that women have to do their homework, and fill a real need.

On March 9th, Nancy will be hosting the Transforming Women Entrepreneurs conference, where you can learn how to move from simply networking to connecting. Nancy J. Lewis doesn’t just transform women in business; she helps transform women in life.

You can register for the TWE conference at www.tweus.eventbrite.com or contact Nancy J. Lewis at nancy@progressivetechniquesinc.com or (404) 559-7614.

Nancy J. Lewis is president of Progressive Techniques, Inc., where the theme of her organization is “Developing a Better YOU.”  The March 9th Transforming Women Entrepreneurs (TWE) theme is Refresh, Renew, & Retool Your Business & Career. TWE allows women business professionals to move beyond networking to connecting.

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