Sonia Booker to Grace 2014 Cover of Atlanta’s People You Need to Know Women’s Magazine


Sonia Booker is quickly becoming one of the nation’s ‘Go To’ real estate and wealth experts. Entrepreneur, author, inspirational speaker and real estate guru, Sonia’s niche is helping people move from everyday living to wealth building. She is an award winning author of the bestseller “Real Estate and Wealth: Investing in the American Dream”, writing this book to provide a simple, step-by step guide to purchasing real estate as an investment to build your wealth. Sonia’s anticipated follow-up book “Real Estate and Wealth: Bridging the Gap” again takes a basic approach and encourages everyone to get started building wealth no matter where you are in life.

From owning an Allstate Insurance agency at the age of 24, Sonia began using her profits from this business to purchase investment property and quickly discovered her passion for real estate. She soon sold her agency to invest in real estate full time. Sonia has carved out a unique position for herself in the marketplace through her down-to-earth approach and by going through what she considers to be the school of hard knocks. Her knowledge and business experience enables her to continuously inform, inspire and engage others to define and enjoy wealth for themselves.

She first captured national attention when she appeared in Black Enterprise 2002, showing off one of her renovation projects. Two years later she wrote her first book on real estate investing after putting together the steps to success in a self-published book, which later caught the eye of Amber Publishing becoming an Essence Bestseller.

Sonia has graced the covers of numerous magazines including, Onyx Woman, Average Girl and is often sought after for speaking engagements, radio and TV interviews appearing on Fox 5 providing real estate tips. You can catch Sonia on many of the top business shows or speaking at a number of national business conferences.

She is a regular presenter for Home Buyer Conferences, National Urban League, National Black MBA Association, and George Fraser’s PowerNetworking Conference. She has also appeared in Upscale, Atlanta Voice, Booking Matters and Rolling Out.

Sonia grew up around real estate and entrepreneurs, it is no wonder, this Jackson, MS native, Atlanta implant feels right at home purchasing real estate and sharing her knowledge of success through investing. Since 2006, Sonia has worked with her mentor and friend Herman J. Russell (H.J. Russell & Company) who founded one of the largest real estate construction and management companies in the southeast. She has partnered and worked hand-in-hand on condo conversion projects, hotels and other commercial properties.

Sonia is passionate about the advancement of women and founded the Inner Circle Women’s Investor Association, a group of progressive women who share a common interest of building wealth and leaving a legacy. As a wife and mother, she understands the demands of women and the multi-tasking required to positively impact the family. Sonia has served on the board of the YWCA of Metro Atlanta and Chayil, Inc. (Domestic Violence Recovery) and City of Hope. “I love to impact the lives of others, especially women. Once I am on your side and believe in your mission, I am just there helping however I can. I give generously of my time and money to help make an impact.”

Sonia is a long-standing member of the Ray of Hope Church and has a wonderful spiritual relationship with her pastor, Dr. Cynthia Hale.

Contact Information:
Phone: 1-855-SONIA51

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  1. Shanise LeFlore

    I've had the opportunity to meet Sonia Booker, and she is truly a phenomenal woman! She has a kind sweet spirit! Keep up the good work Sonia!


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