Sonia Booker Graces 2014 Cover of People You Need to Know Magazine in Atlanta


Entrepreneur, author, inspirational speaker and real estate guru, Sonia’s niche is helping people move from everyday living to wealth building. She is an award-winning author of the bestseller “Real Estate and Wealth: Investing in the American Dream”, writing this book to provide a simple, step-by step guide to purchasing real estate as an investment to build your wealth. Sonia’s anticipated follow-up book “Real Estate and Wealth: Bridging the Gap” again takes a basic approach and encourages everyone to get started building wealth no matter where you are in life.

From owning an Allstate Insurance agency at the age of 24, Sonia began using her profits from this business to purchase investment property and quickly discovered her passion for real estate. She soon sold her agency to invest in real estate full time.

Sonia has carved out a unique position for herself in the marketplace through her down-to-earth approach and by going through what she considers to be the school of hard knocks. Her knowledge and business experience enables her to continuously inform, inspire and engage others to define and enjoy wealth for themselves.

She first captured national attention when she appeared in Black Enterprise 2002, showing off one of her renovation projects. Two years later, she wrote her first book on real estate investing after putting together the steps to success in a self-published book, which later caught the eye of Amber Publishing becoming an Essence Bestseller.

“My entrepreneurial spirit was first nourished on the fertile soil of my grandparents’ 100-plus acre farm in Jackson, Mississippi. I used to accompany my grandfather on his “business trips” to sell produce and conduct other farm business, and I gained an invaluable education along the way. My grandfather taught me the value of hard work, the basics of making and saving money, and how to create and manage multiple streams of income. [It didn’t hurt that most] of the people in my family are born entrepreneurs. So they would say things to me at a very young age like, “work for experience and not for a career.” It was embedded through my upbringing that if you wanted to be in control of your own destiny, you had to work hard, focus and preserve even through the toughest times. I am very fortunate to have so many great role models right in my own family!” ~ Sonia Booker

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