Skid-e-Kids: Social Network for Kids


No one ever saw it coming. A social networking site made for kids, inspired by kids. All of the fun activities that other social networking sites have, with the added bonus of safety measures to help prevent the things that can make the internet unsafe for kids. is the new wave in social networking and technology, and creator Mickel Godwin hopes to continue his success in these uncharted waters.

Skid-e-Kids Network launched the site in December of 2009, just three months after the initial conception of the idea. “We want to take over the world,” says Brandon Mychals, the company’s Account Executive and Chief of Operations.

Godwin and Mychals were both winding down careers in the entertainment industry when they recognized the potential wealth an internet company could gain. Using industry connections, the two men took their ideas and made them a reality. “When it comes to kids, we think this is something that’s long overdue,” Mychals says.

The overall goal of the company is to “improve the quality of life between the parent and the child,” says Mychals. He explains that through the website, children can make friends, play games, write blogs, and join groups while their parents are doing the same things with other parents. Mychals says that the site was designed with the child in mind. While the website is still very young, it is not at all underdeveloped. It was initially created for kids between four and eleven years old, but that has changed. Mychals says, “We’re going to let the people on the site tell us the way they want it to go.”

“Skid-e-Kids” is an acronym for Super Kids In Development Enjoying Kindled Interest Driving Success. Although it is a website for kids, it has something for everyone. Parents might find the site useful for making extra cash, networking, chatting, or blogging about parenthood. For teachers, the site has activity sheets, game ideas, homework tools, and a pen pal function.

In early March, the website
will be launching their newest function, Toys and Games Swap. Brandon Mychals says, “It is basically an eBay for toys.” Members of the site can gather gently used toys and games and sell them to other members with no upfront costs.

Mychals mentions another way to use the site to raise funds is to advertise your fundraising cause on the website. It is a sure way to gain exposure. Already, the website has had over one million visitors worldwide.

The website also features a number of colorful characters who are citizens of “Skid-e-Ville”. In the beginning, the characters were marketing tools created to be role models for kids and a means of moderating the site. Since then, the cartoons have taken a life of their own. “They have a say-so in the direction they go,” says Mychals.

Each cartoon character, he explains, represents a different type of personality. One character, Hang Time the friendly ghost, is an athlete. He is not the best at playing sports and he has never won any awards, but he never gives up.

Something Mychals hasn’t told anyone is that will soon be releasing a quiz that allows members of the website to see which character they are most like because he says, “There is a character to [reflect] every type of child.”

The founders of Skid-e-Kids Network
agree that their journey has not been easy. There have been lifestyle adjustments and sacrifices along the way. Mychals says, “For me, it’s a lot of work. Each day we want to make progress.” He says that the sacrifices he has made for the company don’t feel like sacrifices in retrospect “because results outweigh everything else.”

Mychals says he hopes the work he has put in will be a blueprint for a very successful legacy. To other rising entrepreneurs, Mychals says, “My advice is to make sure you donate time to your dream. If you don’t, it will burn off.”

The website is currently endorsed
by the Department of Education in Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, and North Carolina. They are also in partnership with Communities In Schools, an organization dedicated to connect community resources with schools to help young people successfully learn, stay in school, and prepare for life.

Projected to be “the next Google” in terms of its fast growing success, and the Skid-e-Kids Network represent the future of social networking. Their key to success, Mychals says, is to “force what’s in the outer world to match what’s in your head.”

-Alesha Johnson


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5 had something to say.
  1. alesia Tucker

    Thank God somebody finally came up with a website that is truely looking out for kids.
    I say it's about time.

  2. luckie

    oh, this is a great site. i just left it, it is easy for the kids. i actually set up a page along with my kids. i hope ALL the schools systems use this site as a tool for their kids. it's fun and educational!

  3. PYNTK

    I agree. Skid-e-Kids to the rescue. :-)

  4. PYNTK

    What a great way for parents to spend more quality time with their kids. It's beneficial for both parent and child.

  5. Darnnell Garrisson

    Skidekids is truely a social website for kids, my kids are having a lot of fun on the site, and we don't worry much about them talking to people we don't know because we are confident that skidekids is just for kids and made for kids...


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