Singing Sensation Antonia Lawrence Writes New Song to Uplift Women


Singer Antonia Lawrence wants to celebrate the strength of women. “I want to remind women how amazing they are,” Antonia says. “When we understand our worth, we’re unstoppable.”

Her new song, “The Power of a Woman”, is an anthem for women. No matter what struggles they’re facing, women can play the song and think, “Yes, I have the power and the strength and I’m going to make it!”

She was inspired by incredible women she’s met who overcame obstacles to find success. In fact, Antonia is one of those women who struggled through a difficult time and found her own power again. This is what helped her get through the pain of a divorce and losing her home to foreclosure. Antonia felt angry, rejected, alone, and her self-worth was at an all-time low.

“The songs on my new CD are like a journal of my life during that time,” she notes. “I put to music the things I learned about life through my struggle. I came to understand God’s love and the value of allowing others to heal and to help me. I also realized that when we understand who we are and the abilities we’ve been given, there’s nothing we can’t do or overcome.”

Her song is part of a powerful new CD entitled, Authentic, which will be released in the spring of 2012. She hopes to challenge people to be real instead of pretending that everything’s okay or letting others define them.

“When people are authentic, that’s when they’re strong and can make a difference,” she says. “If people go through life putting on a show for others, they’ll be stuck and never grow or change.”

Antonia speaks from personal experience when she says, “Women have been given such strength to be authentic.”

The single, “The Power of a Woman” can be purchased or downloaded on her website People interested in booking an engagement can call 404-769-2003.

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