Shirley Osborne Vanderbilt Helps Atlantans Achieve Financial Success


Shirley Osborne Vanderbilt, President of The Osborne CPA Firm, P.C., without formal lessons, played the piano well enough to win the Miss Jackson High School pageant. She attended college at Louisiana Tech University with NFL Great, Terry Bradshaw. She now runs her own successful business, but at heart she still has the spirit of a small town girl.

St. Rest, Louisiana, is where Shirley grew up. It is so small it isn’t even considered a town.

“I’m very proud to call it my home,” she says, appreciating her upbringing and influence of her family who always steered her in the right direction. They went to church every Sunday, and stressed the importance of getting a good education.

Shirley decided to follow in her grandparents’ footsteps, who were self-employed and lived a good and productive life. She opened up her own accounting firm 25 years ago and finds satisfaction helping her clients improve their lives financially.

“My biggest accomplishment has been showing my clients how to save more for retirement and buy affordable homes. Additionally, Shirley has received recognition in Atlanta Magazine as one of the Best Personal Wealth Managers in the metro area.

As one of seven children,
raised by great parents, family plays an important part in Shirley’s life. She has been married for 15 years, and has one son, three grandchildren and very caring stepchildren. Whether it’s listening to Motown music, teaching a Crown Financial course at church, playing with grandchildren, or baking a Praline apple pie, Shirley is enjoying life and looking forward to the future.

Shirley says “My hope for 2011 is to reach more clients and to help them see what it would take for them to retire wealthy. This will allow them to better serve our communities.”

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