Shen Yun at Cobb Energy Centre


Shen Yun‭ ‬-‭ ‬Atlanta‭ ‬2010‭ ‬Summer‭ ‬ – Shen Yun is an exhilarating world-class production that celebrates the pure excellence and grandeur of classical Chinese dance and music inspired by the myths,‭ ‬legends,‭ ‬and divine beauty of‭ ‬5,000‭ ‬years of traditional Chinese culture.

Weaving a wondrous story of heavenly realms,‭ ‬enchanting dreams,‭ ‬and the classic battle between good and evil,‭ ‬the breathtaking pageantry evokes themes of virtue,‭ ‬compassion,‭ ‬courage,‭ ‬and hope at the heart of‭ ‬China‭’‬s divinely inspired culture from ancient Buddhist and Taoist traditions to modern-day epics such as Falun Dafa.‭ ‬Following the tragic erosion of traditional Chinese culture under decades of communist rule,‭ ‬New York-based‭ ‬Shen Yun‭ ‬Performing Arts endeavors to rediscover and further elevate this artistic and cultural excellence in the modern world.

In‭ ‬2009,‭ ‬Shen Yun‭ ‬Performing Arts dazzled over‭ ‬800,000‭ ‬live audience members in more than‭ ‬100‭ ‬cities on‭ ‬five‭ ‬continents.‭

Marvel at fresh new programs intermingled with timeless classics featuring acclaimed artists and a superb cast of the world‭’‬s premier Chinese classical‭ ‬dancers,‭ ‬singers,‭ ‬and musicians.‭ ‬You will be spellbound by magnificent choreography,‭ ‬stunning costumes,‭ ‬and state-of-the-art dynamic backdrops.‭ ‬Savor this uplifting,‭ ‬educational experience that has charmed and delighted people of all ages,‭ ‬Western and Chinese alike‭!

“Wow‭! ‬A visit to a magical Shangri-La‭!”‬

-Performing Arts INSIDER

“‬Brilliant choreography‭…‬extravagantly beautiful‭!”
-‭ ‬Broadway World

“‬Flawless.‭ ‬I was simply captivated‭!”‬
-‭ ‬Opera Online

Show Time:‭ ‬Saturday,‭ ‬Aug.‭ ‬21,‭ ‬2:00‭ & ‬8:00‭ ‬PM
Venue:‭ ‬Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre‭ (‬2800‭ ‬Cobb Galleria Parkway,‭ ‬Atlanta,‭ ‬GA‭ ‬30339‭)
Tickets:‭ ‬Ticketmaster‭ ‬1-800-745-3000
Hotli‭ne: ‬1-877-285-2285
Website:‭ ‬www.‭


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