Shen Yun Appears on August 21st


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via Wikipedia – Shen Yun shows feature traditional Chinese dance and song. A January 2010 seven-show run of Shen Yun at the Kennedy Center Opera House in Washington, DC, consisted of twenty-two vignettes with colorful costumes, dancing, and “thrilling operatic singing.”

The 2008 shows in Denver were composed of sixty dancers, singers and musicians, though the size of each company varies. According to the company, traditional Chinese culture is a major source of inspiration. The 2007 shows in San Francisco contained sixteen different acts, exhibiting the same inspiration: Imperial-style dances in high platform shoes, drum dances, folk dances and Chinese martial arts displays. The acts are presented in both Chinese and the local language. Each act is accompanied by a full-width projected backdrop, that provided animation of “mountain scenes with snow, village scenes with rising smoke, countryside landscapes, and palaces.”

Shen Yun enacts three distinct forms of Chinese dance in its performances: classical Chinese dance, ethnic and folk dance (for instance, dances of China’s Dai and Mongolian ethnic minorities, and story-based dance, presenting classic Chinese stories such as the legend of Mulan.

Aside from the dance pieces, a live orchestra of Chinese and Western instruments adds a nostalgic counter-melody. The songs are in Chinese, but the lyrics, both in Chinese and the local language where the performance is being held, are projected onto a stage-spanning backdrop revealing the performances’ themes, “dealing often with historical movements and their devoted disciples.”

Come out an experience this wonderful event on August 21st the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre!


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