Sharon Mathis ~ Passionate About Helping the Next Generation Succeed


Sharon Mathis, CEO of Insurance Associates Atlanta, is an astute businesswoman who worked her way up the ladder in the insurance business. She began working in customer service, then as an agent, until she finally achieved her goal of becoming a successful owner and CEO of her own insurance business.

But there’s another side to Sharon. She’s also a giving person who wants to help others find their own road to success. That’s why she founded the non-profit organization, Empowering Minds, to help teens become acclimated to working in the corporate world.

“When my daughter graduated from college and was looking for work, everyone wanted three years of work experience,” Sharon explains. “How do you get three years of experience unless someone gives you the opportunity to work for them?”

To make sure other young people didn’t face the same quandary, Sharon began working with local high school students. One student worked for Sharon’s business in accounting for three years during high school and college. After graduating, she was able to land an accounting job and purchase her own home.

“That’s the most rewarding part,” Sharon says. “Seeing students become young adults and move forward with their lives. Hopefully they’ll turn around, pay it forward, and help someone else.”

Sharon also enjoys educating others about insurance. “People buy auto or mortgage insurance because the bank tells them to, but I want them to understand how insurance helps their business and protects them and their assets,” she notes. “I like to educate my clients on exactly what their insurance covers and where they might be exposed.”

There’s one more side to this ambitious businesswoman: the devoted Grandma. Out of all her accomplishments, what is she most proud of? “My granddaughter, Jada” she answers.

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