Sebrena Sumrah-Kelly Encourages Women to Share, Support & Promote Each Other


A native of Guyana, South America, Sebrena Sumrah-Kelly is known as the “Networker”. Many people also know Sebrena for her strong dedication and passion for connecting business owners and people in general. She encourages them to move beyond their communities through effective networking with the goal of forming personal and professional relationships. This wife and mother will tell you — in order to get people to know WHO you are, You MUST Network effectively.

Sebrena has been in the networking/marketing industry since 2007, and gives credit to her very first business . . .  AVON. Her background in corporate America is in the real estate industry, with a concentration in litigation. Ms. Sumrah-Kelly notes that this experience allowed her to gain and strengthen her communication and marketing skills, which she displays today. She has been a member of several other networking/marketing companies and has grown to understand what it means to make a networking event a success for YOU.

Sebrena is currently the host of a monthly networking platform for women in business. She generously spreads wisdom regarding what it means to share, support and promote each other without expecting something in return. Above all else, she stresses the importance of building the relationship first, promising that the support or referral will come when least expected.

Recently, Sebrena was inspired through a turbulent time in her life to create a larger platform for the general public to network by sharing their gifts and talents. She is the founder of Caribbean & American Business Connections, (CABC) a monthly event that focuses on Business/Entrepreneurs, Employment & Education. The organization’s name gives acknowledgment to her international roots and her current residence in America.

Sebrena says, “Our platform is for anyone, not just for the people who are in business. Too many times, we neglect to uplift and motivate others by reminding them to N-Vest-N themselves. We tend to forget those people are the ones who can add value to our business.”

Her personal mantra is, “N-Vest-N-YOU because no one else will!”

CABC will travel to various communities each month, thereby giving greater exposure to everyone and inspiring people in those communities to get involved in something that will be an investment in their lives. Their goal is to expand nationwide and have a presence in the global community. Their launch on April 15th, 2011 was a success and they look forward to continuing to inspire, educate and literally informing everyone about the vital importance of Networking.

Look for Sebrena Sumrah-Kelly in the Leading Ladies edition of People You Need to Know Magazine.

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