Saluting and Honoring Atlanta WOMEN in Business


Our first Business Superstars’ Awards Breakfast was a smashing success and it was a pleasure putting it all together.┬áMeet the brilliant WOMEN in business who were honored and recognized for their dedication and commitment to making a difference!

This Fulbright Scholar was born in Queens, New York. She already knew she wanted to become a dentist at six years old. She earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees with honors in Physics from Morgan State University, which included a NASA Fellowship. She graduated with honors from the University of Maryland Dental School and has also studied in New Zealand. Not only is she the president of Fabulous Smiles of Atlanta, but this general and cosmetic dentist has developed her OWN toothpaste for whiter teeth, healthier gums and fresher breath, called “Kissable” … the new health and taste sensation in toothpaste. For more information about “Kissable” visit … The Superstar Innovator Awards goes to Dr. Danielle Greene!

A graduate of George Washington University, our next recipient is known as America’s Connection Diva! She has a background in education, franchise development, publishing, mentorship, network marketing and community development. Formerly the Associate Publisher of the Gazette Newspaper/Atlanta, she focuses her energies on supporting WOMEN. Being passionate about enriching the lives of businesswomen, she founded an organization called, “The Joy of Connecting,” which many of you have already heard about. Her organization has licensees nationwide who support professional women, entrepreneurs and business owners who meet in a safe, nurturing home environment to network. America’s Connection Diva Superstar Award goes to Ms. Bonnie Ross Parker!

As Atlanta’s Awarding-Winning Personal and Business Coach, our next recipient specializes in helping people move to the next level and achieve success. As an entrepreneur, author and speaker, she has a history of providing strategic business solutions for entrepreneurs and business owners nationally and internationally. Having made a bold move to quit her six-figure corporate job to pursue her passion, she knows about the frustration of being suspended in reality while longing for a sense of purpose. Therefore, she knows how to lead her clients over obstacles and help them blaze a trail toward success! The term trailblazer signifies one who blazes a trail to guide others. This certainly describes our next recipient …The Superstar Trailblazer Award goes to Ms. Rebecca McClain, President of RM Enterprises.

She hosts events in metro Atlanta where people gather by the thousands. Known as the Queen of Multicultural Events, this native of Puerto Rico studied marketing at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. Highly motivated, energetic, enthusiastic, creative and social are some of the qualities that best describe her. She’s the co-founder of the Stone Mountain Latino Fair, the Hispanic Leadership Awards and the popular and well-attended Festival Peachtree Latino where they recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary. These events attract more than 160,000 attendees.The Superstar Award for Atlanta’s Multicultural Events goes to Ms. Margarita Ayes, CEO of the Hispanic Marketing Group!

Starting out as a pre-med major at Emory University, our next recipient was later drawn to the exciting world of Sales and Marketing. Her focus and success have been in the areas of Personal Development, Executive Coaching as well as Network Distribution Building Strategies and Training. She has produced several audio training series on Personal Development. As a Platinum Senior Vice President, she’s best known for her monumental achievements with GlobaLinx, where she is often featured in their videos as a stellar example of what’s possible when you believe. Not only that, she was awarded a Rose Bentley for her incredible success with the company. This best-selling author is also responsible for helping other members become millionaires. The Superstar Millionaire Maker Award goes to Ms. Lisa Nicole Cloud, President/CEO of Elite Marketing Strategies.

Known for her dedication to the community in which she serves, this Certified Lumineers dentist is a 1987 graduate of Howard University’s College of Dentistry in Washington D.C., where she was awarded the Percy A. Fitzgerald Outstanding Achievement Award in clinical crown and bridge. She began her career in her hometown of Detroit, Michigan, and has served Cobb County … teaching and caring for her patients for nearly 18 years. She’s also an AKA and mentors youth interested in the field of dentistry. (How lucky are they?) For her unwavering commitment to her community … Dr. Karen R. Mills, President of Advantage Dental received the Superstar Award for Service to Cobb County.

Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Auburn University, she has been a marketing and sales professional for over 20 years. She formed her company after she recognized a strong need for an agency that understood the sensitive needs for small to mid-size businesses looking to expand their footprint in the marketplace, no matter the industry. Recently, she started an organization which is near and dear to her heart called, Live Healthy and Thrive! In June, she hosted her first Live Healthy and Thrive Expo at the Cobb Galleria and has already scheduled her 2011 event to further focus on health and wellness, which includes body, mind and spirit. The Health & Wellness Superstar Award goes to Ms. Lori A. Manns, President of Quality Media Consultant Group and Executive Director of Live Healthy and Thrive.

Our next recipient received a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Bethune Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida. She received her DDS degree from the University of Maryland Baltimore/College of Dental Surgery. Commissioned as a Captain in the United States Air Force, this cosmetic and general dentist gained extensive advanced dental training while serving her country in the U.S. and Japan. After ending her military service as Major, she relocated to Atlanta in 2004 and opened The Dental Spa. Her commitment to teaching and helping her clients achieve the best smile possible in a spa-like setting has brought clients as far away as California and Chicago to experience dentistry with a pampering touch at the Dental Spa. The Superstar Award for Service to Community and Country goes to Dr. Shai Hall, President of The Dental Spa.

Nationally known as a person who went from GED to Millionaire in one year, she is a woman who grew up, as some would say, on the other side of the tracks. However, this single mother always knew that her destiny was much higher and further beyond her situation at the time. Today, she is responsible for changing the lives and zip codes of men and women across the country for the better. She has built and trained an organization of over 7,500 independent distributors, and provided them with the necessary skills to move through the ranks of Advisor, Coordinator, Manager, Director and President. Her organization is world-wide and has become one of the most powerful organizations in Ardyss International. The GED to Millionaire Superstar Award goes to Ms. Stormy Wellington.

An Atlanta native, violinist, jazz vocalist and fitness fanatic, she’s known as The Fitness Diva, teaching an average of 32 group fitness and dance classes per week. A former couch potato and overeater, she knows all too well about the struggles of weight loss. She has weighed as much as 216 pounds. By exercise and healthier eating, she managed to drop the unwanted pounds and change her life! She encourages all of her class participants by letting them KNOW that “no matter how far from their goal they may be, it can be reached.” Her company, Aerobics Delivered, makes it convenient for corporations, churches, organizations and more to get FIT and stay fit by bringing fitness classes right to your location for YOUR convenience. The Superstar Fitness Diva Award goes to Ms. LaWanda L. Brokenborough.

Our next two recipients work side-by-side as a mother/daughter team. As the Founder/CEO of Metro Atlanta Business Network, she and her daughter, who is the Managing Partner, helps people leverage their Linkedin Connections. Each month, they focus on hosting Linkedin Events exclusively for Linkedin Members so they can do more business and get more referrals. On September 25th, 2010, they hosted their very first Linkedin Fall Expo at the World Trade Tower, in downtown Atlanta. The Linkedin Superstar Award goes to Ms. Dahlys and Janelle Hamilton.

Congratulations to all of the ladies who were honored and those who participated in this worthwhile event. Special recognition also goes out to the mothers who were there to support their daughters on this special occasion. We’re looking forward to our next awards show to recognize and honor WOMEN in business!

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4 had something to say.
  1. Ray Ortega

    Congratulations. This was a class A event. The venue and performance was excellent. Congratulations to all the winners. Well deserved.

  2. LaWanda L.Brokenborough

    Thanks for everything Spark Plug! It was an awesome event! Very inspiring! I am so honored for the recognition that I received!

  3. PYNTK

    You're welcome LaWanda! YOU helped us make it GREAT. Thanks for sharing this memorable event with your mom. :-)

  4. PYNTK

    Thanks for the compliments, Mr. Ortega. It was nice seeing you and Margarita.


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