Rush2Compute Offers Networking Services & Computer Classes


Barbara Rushing is one of the featured facilitators as well as one of the founders of the Rush2Compute organization. She has a decade of hands-on experience, working with individuals from all walks of life. Her strengths include patience, customer service, flexibility, and being a team player. She exudes eagerness to make learning stick and looks to build new relationships upon each interaction. If she’s not doing volunteer work with the Atlanta Union Mission by working with new computer users to set up an email to stay connected with family, she’s facilitating computing classes at Emory Center for Lifelong Learning or facilitating classes at Marietta High School’s Continuing Education Program.

Barbara is currently affiliated with City of Marietta Continuing Education Program, Atlanta Union Mission, The Home Depot Headquarters, and Emory Center for Lifelong Learning. She also works with new learners on a one-on-one session designed to their liking.

Barbara has a degree from the University of Phoenix and over 20 year’s corporate business background with Project Management, Dale Carnegie, and Professional Presence training. She is a Technical Trainer certified by Comp TIA, CTT+. She brings a wealth of working experience to the business from past and current senior classes!

Barbara Rushing can be reached at 770-317-2410 or visit

Rush2Compute would love to be your Network Support Service Team. Here are some of their highlights:

* Network Design
* Network Implementation
* Network Administration
* Server Implementation
* Workstation Implementation
* Internet Connection
* Rapid Response
* Software Installations
* Hardware Installations
* Diagnostics
* Computer Repair – Free Delivery & Pickup

Their network engineers & knowledge of computer networking hardware, software, and protocols will have your office workstations communicating like a dream come true. They have over a decade of experience with several operating systems including:

Windows 95, XP, Vista and 7
UNIX, Linux
Network Wiring

They’ll meet with you to help identity the most cost effective solution or bridge the gap with your current system.

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