A Man Like No Other: Rita Fasina-Thomas’ Tribute to Her Husband


Written by: Loie Chambers

Rita Fasina-Thomas’ voice trembled as she described the love of her life, her late husband, Ademola Fasina-Thomas, “He was an inspiration, of utmost integrity and he loved completely.”

The marriage to Ademola is Rita’s success story. The electricity of their love reverberated through the telephone as she talked about her greatest cheerleader.

She reminisced, “He would always hold me … he’d congratulate me and say well done dear, well done.”

Moreover, he was a doting father and grandfather. He exemplified the essence of a true gentleman to his daughters and a perfect role model for his sons.

Yes, a man like no other! His kindness and respect spanned the continent of Africa, the cities of Dubai and Singapore as well as the United States.

Rita recalled an acquaintance telling her how Ademola, in his supervisory role, would occasionally correct her but never left her feeling insignificant or offended.

Today, Rita’s motivation comes from this unparalleled legacy of love. For Rita, her husband, Ademola, was truly a man like no other.

The Ademola A. Fasina-Thomas Jr Foundation is about creating opportunities for hardworking youths to further their education and assist them in becoming future leaders.

Ademola was extremely passionate about education and the pursuit of knowledge was his forte. He believed that every child should have an inalienable right to education. His thirst for knowledge led him to a university degree, which he earned as an adult.

The foundation intends to let his dream become a reality. It will initially create a scholarship opportunity for talented students in USA and Nigeria. By the special grace of God and the support of kind people like you the project will grow in leaps and bounds. http://www.aaftfoundation.com

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  1. Winona Moody

    Very intriguing story by Loie Chambers. Great use of descriptive words. I felt like I met this family before. :-)


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