Renzie Richardson Joins Network


People You Need to Know Magazine proudly welcomes Renzie Richardson to the Network! We met Renzie at Roam Atlanta’s “Members on the Move Mix and Mingle” networking event.

Renzie offers more than two decades of accomplished-laden experience in the business of linking human performance to the financial success of organizations. Her experience in human resources management, health and wellness, benefits administration and talent management are the drivers she will often use to achieve cost savings.

Renzie is an outspoken advocate for health and wellness, and not just as a business strategy – but also as a tool for driving economic and social change that reduces our dependency on an overburdened healthcare system, as well as on pharmaceutical drugs. Renzie partners with decision-makers to implement health, wellness and preventive strategies to leverage negotiations for reduced health care costs. She works with brokers and TPAs to measure and track aggregate data and claims associated with chronic diseases and degenerative illnesses.

Renzie has a BS degree in physical education and health from Coker College. Her MA is in Human Resources Management from Webster University. She is a certified personal trainer, health coach and a registered coach with WABC.

Renzie is also a published writer and her articles have appeared in print and online in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Techlinks Magazine, SHRM-Atlanta, and CSO. She was selected to participate in a television documentary on women’s health, and was recently selected for interviews by the Washington Post, Workforce Magazine and WebMD. She is a member of Worldwide Employee Benefits Network, SHRM-Atlanta, and Healthcare NOW, which is a grass roots organization for single-pay healthcare.

Renzie is the CEO of Be Healthy for Life, LLC. Prior to this venture, she worked more than fifteen years as a HR Director for several corporations in hospitality, manufacturing, high-tech, higher education, and automotive industries. She has led a variety of projects to implement cost-saving strategies for health and welfare, worker’s compensation, and strategies to improve productivity—helping employers to do more with less.

Visit Renzie’s website at

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2 had something to say.
  1. heidi

    I have been gone a couple months, but as usual upon my return, I see all the amazing and bright individuals you all recognize!!! Your magazine looks wonderful and so glad to see all the positive things you are all up to and support! ~ Heidi

    BTW ... Renzie Richardson looks like she will be a great asset!

  2. PYNTK


    She's definitely an asset. Like you, she's on a mission to help people live a healthier life. Thanks for the compliments. :)


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