Renée Sattiewhite Specializes in Coaching People to Success!


Do you feel like your professional life is going nowhere? You’re not sure of what your purpose is, or what your future holds?

These are just a few reasons people are turning to coaches, like Renée Sattiewhite, owner of Sattiewhite Training Productions. A coach can objectively steer you in the right direction, help you gain clarity about your life, uncover your gifts and talents, and help you focus on what you really want. Just like in football, a coach helps you WIN.

“Sometimes people can’t see what they need,” Renée explains. ” They are all over the place with their expectations and with what they want to do. Sometimes it’s important to have someone who is objective and not emotionally tied to what they want to do.”

“I am honest with people and candid,” she adds. “I’ll tell you what really is going on where other people won’t.”

Renée not only helps people be clear about their goals, but helps them improve their professional image and develop a realistic step-by-step plan to propel them to success.

“While it is a slow market, there is still an opportunity for growth and there’s opportunity for making money, you just have to stand out and I think people come to a coach to help them do that,” Renée says.

Renée has found purpose and fulfillment in helping people reach their potential and transform their lives. She’s received countless cards, e-mails, and phone calls from clients thanking her for changing their lives and that is her greatest reward.

“I am passionate about helping other people achieve their goals and dreams and I am willing to do whatever I can to make it happen,” Renée states. “When they are successful, I am successful.”

Renee can be reached at (877) 918-0466 or email her at

Source: People You Need to Know
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3 had something to say.
  1. Anthony

    A positive, passionate, and professional Coach. Renée has contributed to the success of team members, supervisors, and senior management. Her "Management Minutes" and "A Sattiewhite Must Do" are distributed throughout and remind us of the responsibilities that due to our busy schedules we sometimes forget.

    A Sattiewhite Must Do ... "Be Positive and Upbeat"

  2. Jay White

    Renée, you are a light to the world and I am grateful to know you. Thank you for helping me launch my business. I have made connections that are key to the growth of my business because of your expertise. Thank you
    j. white

  3. Deborah Clark

    Hello Renee, I would like to introduce myself ... my name is Deborah Clark I own a business and contract out with Georgia International Travels and American Express Travel. My company name is All Fame Inc. I would like to consult with you on many matters of my business, It will be a great pleasure to talk with you. I will be reaching out to you very soon. Thank You for the information you have put out there. Deborah Clark.


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