Executive Coach Renee Sattiewhite Encourages People to Achieve Goals


“Live long and prosper,” says Renée Sattiewhite, a Star Trek fan and president of Sattiewhite Training Productions.

In fact, Renée is passionate about helping people ‘prosper’ by achieving their goals and dreams. This is not only reflected in her business as a life and career coach, but also as co-chair of the non-profit organization, the African American Credit Union Coalition – Reaching Toward the Future Internship Program. The program prepares college students to become professionals by placing them in mainstream credit unions throughout the country.

“I was asked to become involved in the organization because of my love for children and education,” Renée says. “It’s been a very rewarding experience. I have students come back and tell me how this program influenced their ability to achieve the status they’ve reached and the goals they’ve set for themselves.”

Success stories include one student who went on to become an associate professor at a university, another who is a registrar at a school of medicine, and two more who went on to become attorneys.

Renée’s passion to help others succeed is also reflected in her business, Sattiewhite Training Productions, where Renée coaches people and helps them define their goals, improve their professional image, and develop a plan to propel them to success. Her coaching has helped many mid-level managers reach executive management and CEO positions, while others have transitioned to different careers and started companies. Renee finds purpose and fulfillment in helping people reach their potential and transform their lives.

“I’m proud that I am living my possibility of serving other people passionately,” Renée says triumphantly. “I help people uncover the gifts and talents they already have and make sure they have all the tools necessary for success.”

Whether she is serving as president of her own company, as a motivational speaker, trainer, coach, or co-chair of the internship program, Renee strives to help everyone she meets ‘live long and prosper.’

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