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Producer.  Fashion Director.  Model.  Mother.  Mentor.  Author.  Humanitarian. There is no way you can say any of these words amongst Atlanta’s movers and shakers without mentioning Renee Knorr, the New Orleans born businesswoman who after coming to the city over one decade ago, has taken it by storm, giving it a social face-lift by using style and professionalism. One Woman, One Mission, One Goal! Through hard work, dedication and commitment, she has the passion to live a fulfilled life by giving back!

As the Founder and CEO of Knorr Enterprises, a P.R. Social Marketing & Entertainment Firm, and the Fashion Director of Events for the 19th Hole Magazine, a golf fashion and lifestyle publication, Knorr is proud of her community charity work, which allows her to share her story of perseverance in the face of adversity, and life experiences. She is constantly on the move.

Knorr is the Founder of 100 Girlfriends POWER Network, an international network of richly diverse powerful girlfriends who are women leaders from all walks of life. The vision of 100 Girlfriends POWER Network is to build strong communities through the empowerment of 100 young people. Knorr recently finished her second year with the students of Future Seekers Organization’s annual empowerment program.

The class of 85 students consisted of 53 young ladies and 32 young men between the ages of 13-19 years of age. Knorr is excited about making a difference in their lives. She was able to provide empowerment, self determination, social skills and etiquette sessions. After their 7 weeks of training, the students graduated at the 14TH Street Play House in Atlanta, Georgia. “Once we have had accomplishments in our lives, giving back to our future leaders is nonnegotiable,” Knorr shares.

On August 26, 2010 – Knorr, the Fashion Director of The 19th Hole Magazine, and Atlanta’s premiere hotel, LOEWS ATLANTA, will present “Driven to Luxury,” an event unveiling the magazine’s special “Fore! Charity” issue with the highlight of the evening, a Golf Chic fashion presentation produced by Knorr. The honored co-hosts and benefactors for the August event are The Atlanta Children’s Shelter, The First Tee of East Lake, Future Seekers Organization, Kenny Leon’s True Colors Theatre Company, Shepherd Center Foundation and Voss Foundation. Knorr is dedicated to helping support charitable organizations.

In a city like Atlanta, where everyone is competing for business, Knorr has managed to maintain and gain success by staying focused, driven and constantly evolving.

“I stay a major player because of the love and passion for the Beauty, Fashion and Entertainment industry and by helping others. In building relationships I have made over the years, that’s what has helped me to continue my dreams,” she shares. “It’s about passion, love, dedication, commitment, being a POWER player, and having FAITH in God! He has allowed me to shine.”

Knorr has definitely come a long way from the young girl in New Orleans who considered herself “the ugly duckling” of her family. It was at the age of 19 that she became a plus-size model. After losing 60lbs, she was approached to be in a beauty pageant where she placed in the competition. From there, she left New Orleans and pursued her career as a model. Doing this not only opened the door for her to travel and be featured in television and movies, but it also allowed her to work for major fashion and beauty companies such as TADASHI, The Johnson Publishing Company, What Women Want, Halston, Ebony Fashion Fair, Revlon, Paul Mitchell, Sak’s, and Mizani to name a few.

Although Knorr is enjoying the success of her business and its many facets, she has no problem with reaching out and telling young women how to one day be in a position to WIN.

“Do your home homework. Research. Make sure you know who your clients are,” she advises. “Not all money is good money. Be selective. Make sound decisions.”

When it comes to her own success, the secret lies in her daughter. “Every time I look into my daughter’s eyes, I see that I am building her a legacy that she will be proud of,” she says. “I’m creating a foundation for her that is built on love.”


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4 had something to say.
  1. RE - RecycledFrockery

    Woww she seems like she could really make things run. another powerplayer pointed out by the Sparkplugs of Atl - Thanks Ms. J. btw, tell her we love her dress it's totally fabu !

  2. PYNTK

    Oh, how we love shining the spotlight on deserving people. I'll pass the word. :-) Thanks RE!

  3. Ted Sims

    I think Renee is very gifted & talented as well. She is a positive role model for other young women to follow in her footsteps and be a powerful African American Woman.

  4. PYNTK

    Thanks so much for stopping by to help us celebrate the wonderful accomplishments of Ms. Renee Knorr!


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