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Rarely do you meet someone as excited about and committed to their craft as Atlanta’s top Personal and Business Coach, Rebecca McClain. Her primary goal is to help you find your calling in life, and not just succeed, but to prevail. With so many people literally sitting on their God-given gifts, her mission is to help YOU identify and unleash your talents, establish and reach your goals, and ultimately help you live a more successful and fulfilled life.

As an entrepreneur, author, speaker and professional coach, Rebecca McClain has a history of providing expert solutions to people all across the nation and internationally. She collaborates with individuals and entrepreneurs to confront their challenges and achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Having made a bold move to quit her six-figure corporate job to pursue her passion, she knows the frustration of being suspended in reality while longing for a sense of purpose. Therefore, she knows how to lead you over the obstacles, which may have you feeling stuck in your current situation.

In November 2009, she launched the online platform, Build A Thriving Business Network, for women and minorities in business. She also hosts a Self-employed Women’s Teleforum on the first Tuesday of each month. This call gives women business owners (men are also welcome) a voice to help them build thriving businesses. It is a safe place to talk about challenges, successes and to brainstorm solutions. Women leave the call feeling supported and inspired to do more and think bigger than ever before.

Her small business development plan, BATBOY™ (Build A Thriving Business in One Year), was created to give entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs, an all-encompassing program to strategically grow their business.

Rebecca is also the author of three books including her latest release, Redesign Your Reality: A Blueprint for How to Transform Your Life from Surviving to Thriving, a transformational book that combines practicality and inspiration to empower readers to take control of their lives and shows them how to purposefully move forward as designers of their own lives.

She is a keynote speaker and regularly presents workshops, seminars and tele-seminars. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, an MBA in Accounting & Taxation and a professional coach certification.

You can learn more about Rebecca McClain in the 2011 People You Need to Know – Business Superstars Edition. Look for her on the cover!

Are you ready to start living your brand new life? Hire Atlanta’s top Business and Professional Coach, Rebecca McClain. 678-289-0148


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  1. PYNTK

    Congrats Rebecca! GREAT JOB.


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