Queen of Texting Educates Students About SAFE Texting


“How many of you have ever received a nude picture of a hot chick from a friend?” says Marie-Antoinette Burrell, “Atlanta’s Queen of Texting “, who isn’t shy about capturing the attention of students. After many students raise their hands proudly, Marie-Antoinette, president of TalkText Mobile Solutions, explains how those nude photos could land them in jail or affect their future by preventing them from getting a job. Then she asks, “Who thinks getting a nude picture is cool now?” No one raises their hands and Marie-Antoinette knows she got through to them.

“That’s the rewarding part,” the Queen of Texting says.

She founded Texting Organization Against Distracted Driving (TOADD) to teach young people how to use cell phones responsibly.

Marie-Antoinette is also an author. She wrote a series of children’s picture books entitled, Mobile Phone Land, to provide pre- cell phone education, about the dangers of driving distracted, sexting, cyber bullying, and to inform kids about the importance of using technology responsibility.  To further impress young minds, she plans to create a Miss TOADD mascot to visit schools all over the United States. With the aid of donations, community partnerships and sponsors, TOADD has become a driving force for educating and saving young lives.

“The non-profit organization was the perfect balance to my business in the mobile industry,” Marie-Antoinette explains. “I teach kids about the future of technology and explain the possible dangers we face at the same time.”

Marie-Antoinette got interested in the mobile marketing business when her son started a high school fraternity. She learned the best way to communicate with students was texting. That inspired her to go back to school and eventually start her own mobile marketing business that also develops smartphone apps and QR codes.

Whether Marie-Antoinette is running her own business or teaching kids how to use cell phones responsibly, this enthusiastic techie couldn’t be happier. “Technology is always evolving and we must evolve as well,” she says. “I love the work I’m doing and I love my life.”

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