Premiere Film Screening To Empower Women : September 25, 2015 – Ardre Orie


I Am Beautiful - Ardre Orie

Ardre Orie is an award winning author, playwright, director and philanthropist on a mission to redefine beauty through the creation of meaningful media that challenges the status quo and denounces messages that demean women and girls.

Through her work as an educator, mentor, entrepreneur, and author of A Heroine in Heels and Consciously Beautiful: I Am Enough, Ardre Orie has dedicated her life to empowering women. After teaching for six years and serving as an assistant principle for 4 years, she founded the Pink Wish Foundation, a 501(c)(3), to alleviate economic distress and self-destructive behaviors in girls ages 8–18, which currently provides services to over 500 families in Florida and Georgia. Her cosmetic lines I Love Me and I Love Me Organics seek to inspire new generations of girls to live consciously beautiful lifestyles and take a stand against media messages that demean and devalue women. In June of 2013, Orie furthered that goal by launching I Love Me Magazine, an online and print publication devoted to spreading the message that true beauty comes from within.

Orie has since launched Consciously Beautiful TV to provide positive depictions of girls and women through media. In 2014, Orie made her directorial debut with her first play Lipstick Monologues, which provided a platform for women to discuss issues concerning love, life and self-esteem through the arts. Orie will release her first documentary entitled “I AM” that depicts the work of the Consciously Beautiful Movement to empower teen girls and women to love the reflection they see in the mirror. You can learn more about Ardre Orie and her mission at her website

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