Power Spotlight: Tiffany Marshall, Mrs. Georgia Globe 2013


Tiffany Marshall is a mother, wife, former Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader, former Mrs. Georgia America 2011, former Mrs. Georgia All Star United States 2012, and current Mrs. Georgia Globe 2013. She is described as a real life beauty queen and passionate about her career, community and family. She is the newly crowned Mrs. Georgia Globe 2013, and will compete in the Mrs. Globe pageant in August. The Mrs. Globe pageant is tied to W.I.N. Foundation International. It’s a non-profit organization that develops and delivers programs for women affected by abuse. As Mrs. GA Globe, Tiffany is a spokesperson for the WIN (Women In Need) Foundation. The programs that Mrs. Georgia Globe is committed to include empowerment on college campuses, and uplifting women and children.

Mrs. Georgia Globe is also working with SOCAF, Saving Our Children And Families, which is an organization that works to help end child sexual abuse and child exploitation. Tiffany is currently developing a Self-Defense class for women and children, in conjunction with the WIN Foundation.

With Tiffany’s past positions as Mrs. Georgia America 2011, and Mrs. Georgia All Star USA 2012, she has numerous accomplishments to her credit such as, being a spokesperson for Parents Against Distracted Drivers, Girl Scouts of America, Clark Atlanta University Kings and Queens Coalition, Georgia State University’s NAACP Chapter, Big Kids Foundation, U.S.A Veterans Association, Ronald McDonald Foundation, St. Jude, Girl Talk Inc, and a host of other notable partnerships. She recently developed her own pageant company, You are the Best LLC.

For more information about Mrs. Georgia Globe 2013, contact:

La’Torria Lemon
Event Coordinator/ Publicist
Direct Line: 832-298-3834

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